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Senior (20 years and over) First Claim 4,5

Senior (20 years and over) Second Claim 3,5

Junior (11 - 19) 3,5

Minor (7 - 10) 3,5

Student/Leisure Key 2,5

Family 1,5

Associate (Volunteer/Official/Coach/Social/Parent or Carer)

Note - All memberships expire every year on 31st March and need to be renewed before April.

New members joining part-way through the year will pay the above fees, but will still need to renew membership in April.

1 New member rate, renewal £100

2 New member rate, renewal £21

3 New member rate, renewal £30

4 New member rate, renewal £42

5 Membership requires approval

Expires 31/03/2022

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Payment: Card, BACS, cheque or cash.
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EI7FnskXUAAMDXe.jpegWelcome to Stockport Harriers & AC's Membership Site

Due to the upcoming cross country season, we've had a flurry of new member applications and membership renewals, which is great news.  However, if you were previously a member but didn't pay last year, your membership will have expired and you will need to rejoin as a new member.

Any renewals or new members joining after 3rd October will not be entered into the first race of the Manchester Area Cross Country League which is in Wythenshawe on 16th October.  You can still compete in subsequent races, however, so if you want to do that, please pay the £5 MACCL fee when you join, or afterwards in the MemberMojo store.