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Senior (20 years and over) First Claim 3

Senior (20 years and over) Second Claim 2

Junior (11 - 19) 2

Minor (7 - 10) 2

Student/Leisure Key 1

Family 4

Associate (Volunteer/Official/Coach/Social/Parent or Carer)

Note - All memberships expire every year on 31st March and need to be renewed before April.

New members joining part-way through the year will pay the above fees, but will still need to renew membership in April.

1 New member rate, renewal £10.50

2 New member rate, renewal £15

3 New member rate, renewal £21

4 New member rate, renewal £50

Expires 31/03/2022

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Payment: Card, BACS, cheque or cash.
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EI7FnskXUAAMDXe.jpegWelcome to Stockport Harriers & AC's Membership Site

We hope to see everyone back at the track in the not too distant future.  We'll keep you posted on the latest news.

For existing members, you can now renew your membership for the year starting 1st April 2021.  We have discounted renewal rates by 50% for members who renewed last year, but were unfortunately unable to benefit from the club's facilities for most of the year, so please take up the offer while it's available!

Thanks everyone.