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Adult 1 year (UK)

Adult 2 years (UK)

Two members at same address (UK) – 1 year

Two members at same address (UK) – 2 years

Adult 1 year Outside UK

Adult 2 years Outside UK

Young Stargazer/Junior Member 1 year (UK)

Young Stargazer/Junior Member 2 years (UK)

Young Stargazer/Junior Member 1 year Outside UK

Young Stargazer/Junior Member 2 years Outside UK

Schools (UK) 1 year
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Payment: PayPal, card, Cash, Cheque, Credit Card (by postal form) or Direct Debit (by postal form).
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Welcome to the Society for Popular Astronomy's joining page

All you have to do to join now (or renew an existing membership) is to decide on the type of membership which you need from the list shown here, then click on the button at the bottom of the list to enrol or renew using our secure joining page. We have a flexible range of options for payment, including credit and debit cards using Stripe. Alternatively you can fill in a form and join by postgroup2.jpg

Choose from standard membership (£27 a year)Young Stargazer (for those aged up to 11) or Junior Membe(ages 11 to 17). Both Young Stargazers and Junior Members enjoy the full benefits of membership for just £21 a year. The same rate applies to school memberships, which provide one copy of the magazine for the school and access to our meetings for students. Other groups and societies may affiliate for the cost of an individual subscription. You can join the SPA for up to two years at a time in any category. 

For those joining in Europe or the rest of the world there are separate subscription rates which reflect the higher costs of postage. 


Direct Debit for 1 year adult UK memberships only!

For your convenience you can set up an annual Direct Debit . This applies only to standard adult 1 year membership. To set this up, please print out and fill in this form (PDF) and send it to us.You cannot set up a Direct Debit for any other form of membership