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Full 3

Family (Second and subsequent family members at same address) 2

Non Rider 1

1 New member rate, renewal £21

2 New member rate, renewal £25

3 New member rate, renewal £35

Expires 31/12/2024

Welcome to South Oxfordshire Riding Club

British Riding Clubs (BRC) have just introduced a national online membership service which is why South Oxfordshire Riding Club (SORC) membership applications are now disabled on this page. You can join SORC, or renew your membership from the 1st of December using the BRC Membership Service for SORC .

We like to learn more about what SORC members want to do, and what they can do for their club, than the BRC service can offer. We are aiming to make the new BRC membership service  and the SORC membership system work hand-in-hand to do just that. It will take a while, though!

Oh, the membership  fees on this page are for 2023;  BRC affiliation fees have gone up for 2024, so our 2024 membership  fees will have to march in step.

Any questions, please contact the membership secretary sorcmembersec@gmail.com .