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Family - incl. 2 adults 1

Family - incl. 1 adult 1

Adult 1

Senior (over 75 years) 1

Student (18 to 25) 1

Full Junior (13 to 21) 1

Young Junior (to 13) 1

Honorary 2

1 Expires 31/03/2023

2 Membership requires approval

Welcome to Sonning Lawn Tennis Club

New members are welcome to join Sonning Lawn Tennis Club for the 21/22 season using our online membership portal called 'Member mojo'. If you're looking to renew your membership or join the club, please click on the link to the right of this page. As voted on at the AGM in 2021, prices remain fixed for 22/23 compared to 21/22. 

You will be asked to make an online bank transfer of your membership fees when you reach the end of the online form. If you wish to pay by cheque, the details will be shown at that stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is 'member mojo'?

A. Member mojo is a club membership software that many other sporting clubs use for online applications and renewals, electronic payment, a central member database and group email distribution. It is fully GDPR compliant.

Q. Why is Sonning Tennis using 'member mojo'?

A. We were keen to use an online membership tool for ease of use for our members, and for us to be able to keep records secure. You also won't need to keep telling us your address / phone numbers in future, as the system will retain this information. Hopefully you will find it easy to use, but if you're having any issues at all, please contact Emily Bushby on membership@sonningtennis.com

Q. Can I pay by cheque or bank transfer?

A.  When you get to the payment page you can select to pay by cheque or bank transfer and instructions are given. We will confirm your membership when the cheque / bank transfer is received.

Q. Do you have a preferred payment method?

A. We would prefer that you pay by bank transfer rather than cheque, if you are able to, for administrative reasons.

Q. Can I pay using a credit or debit card?

A.  No, Sonning Tennis is not yet able to take payment using credit or debit cards.  

Q. Can I pay using PayPal?

A.  No, Sonning Tennis doesn't have a PayPal account so we're not yet able to take payment using credit or debit cards. We're investigating this for future years. 

Q. I'm a new member; do I need to pay the full annual rate?

A. We pro rate the amount that you pay if you join from September onwards, based on the month that you join. As a guide, the membership fee in September is c. 40% of the full year rate, and each month reduces from that point until the start of the new membership year. Emily will be in touch with any members joining after September to confirm the rate to pay.

Q. Shared email address for family members - why can I renew my membership but not membership for other members of my family?

A.  If 2 or more people share the same email address, you can switch between the members in the top right hand corner of the membermojo home page (near the 'sign out' button) so can access renewal for other members of your family.

Q. How do I change my membership category or any other information?

A. When you login to membermojo you can change any of your information by clicking on 'Your membership' at the top of the home page and then you can edit any details, view payment history and set or change your password for membermojo.

Q. Who does Family membership cover?

A. Family rates include adults and their children aged under 21 and in full-time education on 01/04/21.

Q. What qualifies as a Student member?

A. The Student rate applies if the applicant is not covered by a family membership, is aged 18-25, regardless of educational status on 01/04/21.

Q. What age range does 'Young Junior' membership cover?

A. The Young Junior rate applies if the applicant is not covered by family membership and is aged 13 or under on 01/04/21.

Q. What age range does 'Full Junior' membership cover?

A. The Full Junior rate applies if the applicant is not covered by family membership and is aged 21 to 13 on 01/04/21 whilst continuing full time education.

Q. When do I receive my club tag for my shoe?

A. The Committee have decided not to order club tags for this season to save on single use plastic.

Q. What are the next steps?

A. Once you've applied for membership using Member Mojo and made payment, Emily, the Membership Secretary will confirm your membership and be in touch with a welcome / membership letter which includes details of how to book a court, how to access the courts etc. Prior to the beginning of the new membership year, we send reminders to all members to re-join, if they wish to, and upon receiving payment and the commencement of the new season, all members will receive an updated welcome / membership letter, including the court and club hut codes for the new membership year. 

Q. I'm stuck! Please can you help?

A. Please contact Emily Bushby on membership@sonningtennis.com if you get stuck!