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Overseas half rate.

Full membership until Year end (including E Journal) - half rate.

Full UK Membership (including E-Journal and Paper Journal by post) - half rate

Overseas Half Year Membership (including E-Journal and Paper Journal by Post)

Expires 31/10/2024

Welcome to the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers Ltd.


To join us simply click on the button "Join Us/Renew".

Your subscription can be paid on line by PayPal, credit or debit card or by bank transfer. After completing the Application Form and paying the Subscription, (you will need to accept the Society's Terms and Conditions by ticking the box) your name will be submitted for admission to the Society at the next monthly Council meeting and you will be contacted shortly by the Membership Secretary.

Choosing the correct Subscription rate

The subscription rate is based on where you live and the time of year you apply to join the Society as shown in the table alongside.

The annual subscription year runs from 1 November.  Half rates only apply between 2nd April and 30th June and covers the period until renewal in October that year.  If you join between July and October your membership expires at the end of October the following year.

Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct
Full Full Full Full Full Half Half Half Full Full Full Full



Subscription renewal takes place every October and you will be prompted by an e-mailed renewal notice.

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