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Part-year joiner (joined less than 6 months before end of 2021)

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Welcome to Socialist Labour Network

SLN was formed by the merger of Labour Against the Witch hunt and Labour in Exile Network.  SLN members are often ex-Labour members who have been suspended, expelled or 'terminated'.  Members may also have resigned from the Labour Party in dismay at the trajectory the party is taking under the leadership of Keir Starmer and David Evans.  The Socialist Labour Network is a socialist movement building 'shadow' CLPs who will be the opposition to the Tories. (Labour seems incapable of providing any opposition and veers between support for the government and timid tweaks to Tory policies) 

SLN has an organising group of ten members elected by the membership. All member meetings take place every 4/5 weeks. 

SLN holds public meetings with speakers on current political and economic topics.

We are not a political party but agree to support socialists who are standing for election.

Join us!