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Guild Membership Secretary


Ringing Member (18+) (Non-Pilot Branches) 1

Youth (12 - 17) (Non-Pilot Branches) 1

Associate Member (Non-Pilot Branches) 1

Learner (18+) (Non-Pilot Branches) 1

Learner (12 - 17) (Non-Pilot Branches) 1

Youth (Under 12) 1

Learner (Under 12) 1

Vice President

Honorary Life Member

Associate Life Member

1 Expires 31/12/2024



At the Guild AGM on 11th May 2024, the vote to roll out the Membership System across the Guild was passed, following an extremely successful Pilot in Marlborough and West Dorset. It is now time for all members of all categories of membership in the Non-Pilot Branches to register, ready for renewal of memberships in January 2025.

Please NOTE that existing and new members in these seven Branches MUST have paid their 2024 Subscription using the existing process, via Tower Correspondents and your Branch Treasurer. Forms D & C are required to be completed this year, but their use will cease in 2025. Select one of those membership types marked as "Free".

To register, please click the orange Join Us / Renew button on this page. Help is available if you need it via the green ‘Help with Registration’ button below, or from your Branch Administrator, or via email from the Guild Administrator at memberadmin@sdgr.org.uk.


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The system allows members to manage their membership online, pay their annual subscriptions, choose their communication preferences and provide  / update contact details via Your Membership (please register or sign in first!)

  • It provides a platform for the Guild and Branches to communicate with members
  • It provides a means of paying subscriptions on behalf of other members by using your email
  • It eases the burden on volunteer administrators
  • It ensures the Guild complies with current Data Protection Regulations and our Privacy Policy
  • CRUCIALLY, it provides a means to consent to your name being published in the Guild Annual Report, under your Tower and Branch.

All members are asked to manage their membership on this system, please. You can join or renew by clicking this link: Join Us / Renew. Alternatively, you can press the button opposite / below.

In early 2025, your Branch Secretary or Treasurer will email a reminder to you with a link to the sign in page. On renewal, we encourage members to pay by card if possible as it greatly reduces the administrative burden on our volunteer administrators. Where fees are paid by the Church or Tower they can still be paid by bank transfer or via the Tower Correspondent. Instructions on how to pay other than by card will be provided in a system generated email once you have renewed.

To register, please click Join Us / Renew or alternatively contact your Branch Administrator who can help you to add your details, or you can nominate someone to do this for you (you will have to sign a Third Party authority - please see below - and also obtainable from your Branch Secretary).  If you need help, please read the 'Help with Registration' User Guide (green button above).  Other useful information can be found on the Guild's website, using the SDGR link below. There is also a link to the LEBRF homepage below where you can donate to the Guild's Bell Restoration Fund and apply for a Grant, and a link to the website of the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART), should you wish to see what is on offer.


The initial registration period has now ended. It is now time to renew your Subscriptions. If you haven't yet registered, please do so by clicking the orange Join Us / Renew button on this page. Select one of the Membership Types which are NOT labelled as for use by members in the Non-Pilot Branches.

If you have already registered, please follow the link provided in your renewal invitation email, or click this link: Sign In or the red Sign In button at top right of this screen. Please do NOT click the orange "Join Us / Renew" button.

Help is available for registering, signing in and renewing - just click an icon above and follow the instructions - it is really easy!

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Third Party Authorities

It is NOT necessary to complete a Third Party Authority when the Member watches you input his or her data using the Join New Member function (available only to Administrators) or by clicking the Join Us / Renew button when signed out, and is content that his or her own email address is used.

These are the circumstances when a Third Party Authority MUST be signed by the Member and the Third Party:

  1. When an adult Member with or without an email address nominates a friend / family member / fellow ringer / Branch Administrator to register and / or manage their Membership record on membermojo.co.uk/sdgr (“the system”) using the nominee’s own email address, the Adult Third Party Authority MUST be completed and signed by the Member and the Third Party.
  2. When a Youth Member of any age registers or is registered on the system, the Under 18’s Third Party Authority MUST be completed and signed by the Member and a Parent or Guardian, irrespective of whether the Youth Member’s own email address is used or that of his nominee.
  3. When a New Learner under the age of 18 completes the Registration Form, and registers or is registered on the system, the Under 18’s Third Party Authority MUST be completed and signed by the Learner and a Parent or Guardian, irrespective of whether the Learner’s own email address is used or that of his nominee.

The Third Party Authority must be signed and an electronic copy (scanned or photographed) uploaded to the Member’s record by an Administrator. The Member must keep the original.

The Adult and Under 18 Authorities are here for you to download and complete as necessary:

Third Party Authorisation Form Adult July 2023.pdf

Third Party Authorisation Form Under 18's July 2023.pdf

Mailing Lists

A User Guide to the Mailing Lists set up on the system and available for use by Guild and Branch Officers may be found here:

Mailing Lists.png