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Please note that on 7 February 2022, SCiMA Education Limited ceased trading.

Safeguarding Children in Martial Arts (SCiMA) welcomes all Heads of Association, Coaches (Instructors), and Designated Safeguarding Officers/Welfare Officers involved in martial arts, in the United Kingdom, to register with us. Membership will provide access to the martial arts workforce DBS checking service, access to online learning, safeguarding policy support, and casework management assistance.

A benefit of arranging for an appropriate DBS check through SCiMA, is that your check is specifically for the martial arts workforce.

If you already have a DBS check through another organisation, then you can still register for the SCiMA online learning and benefit from the SCiMA profile services.

You can set up your SCiMA profile, to maintain all your martial arts documentation electronically and securely (in one place), this can include your coaching certificates, first aid certificates and safeguarding certificates.

SCiMA also welcome applications from all martial arts organisations including NGB regulated and non-regulated martial arts, to assist them on their journey to embed best practice in coaching and safeguarding. SCiMA works with the Martial Arts Safeguarding Group and safeguarding professionals to provide a high-quality service that aims to protect all those participating in martial arts.

The SCiMA online learning is focused on martial arts and consistent with the Sport England Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts

Please note that SCiMA requires all members to submit photographic identification (eg passport or driving licence) as part of the identification verification process. If you do not have photographic identification then please contact us.

All coaches working in regulated activity must obtain an Enhanced DBS Check. The Sport England recognised Martial Arts Safeguarding Group (MASG) endorse the approach to safeguarding through appropriate DBS checks and safeguarding learning and development. SCiMA strongly encourage martial arts associations to register with the Sport England recognised Safeguarding Code in Martial Arts.

SCiMA Registration Membership

To qualify for a Volunteer DBS Check, the applicant must not:

  • benefit financially from the position for which the application is being submitted
  • receive any payment (except for travel and other approved out-of-pocket expenses)
  • be on a work placement
  • be in a trainee position or undertaking a course of study that will lead to a full-time role/qualification
  • be a paid foster carer or a member of a foster care household.

You Said and We Did ...

SCiMA have simplified the registration process; so, from 1 January 2020, there is a flat rate registration fee for all types of martial arts organisation.The fees are annual and provide access to both the DBS checking service and current quality-assured safeguarding resources.

DBS check options for martial arts workforce members:

Volunteer - Enhanced DBS Check

  • Registration for Heads of Association, Martial Arts Coaches (Instructors) and Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs)/Welfare Officers
  • Volunteer DBS Check
  • SCiMA Online Learning


Employed - Enhanced DBS Check

  • Registration for Heads of Association, Martial Arts Coaches (Instructors) and Designated Safeguarding Officers (DSOs)/Welfare Officers
  • Employed DBS Check
  • SCiMA Online Learning


SCiMA Martial Artists Registration

The Safeguarding Children in Martial Arts (SCiMA) provides advice, guidance, policy updates, professional services and signposting for learning and development activities for martial arts schools in the United Kingdom.

SCiMA is offering access to safeguarding materials for all Heads of Association, Martial Arts Coaches (Instructors) and Designated Safeguarding Officers/Welfare Officers. Access to the safeguarding resources is also now available to Assistant Coaches or Athletes working towards coaching qualifications.

SCiMA's objective is to offer an opportunity for Coaches in schools, clubs and associations to meet the minimum operating standards required for child protection, safeguarding vulnerable adults and safer recruitment practice. The online learning is consistent with the Sport England Safeguarding in Martial Arts Code. 

Your licence and insurance for coaches should be arranged through your club, association and/or NGB. There is a facility to upload your insurance certificate to your SCiMA profile to confirm that you are insured.

SCiMA Online Learning and Development

Safeguarding Children in Martial Arts (SCiMA) offer a range of martial arts focused online learning and development opportunities and recommended that coaches take a systematic approach to accessng the training materials available. SCiMA provide a wide range of online training materials which allow coaches the opportunity to bring themselves up to date with the latests regulatory and legislative changes in coaching, child protection and safer recruitment policy and delivery.

SCiMA offers martial arts instructors coaching as professionals or volunteers working in the regulated and non-regulated sectors an opportunity to undertake online learning and development which is designed to enhance coaching standards in child protection and safeguarding. SCiMA Online Learning is a comprehensive support package for martial arts participants.

About SCiMA

SCiMA is a non-political, non-profit making and voluntary organisation. SCiMA was established in the United Kingdom on 13 August 2014 to replace its predecessor the Martial Arts Development Council (MADC). SCiMA will respond to the growing demand for regulation, consistent and standardised approaches to coaching, child protection and safe recruitment practice in martial arts in the United Kingdom.

SCiMA does not make technical assessment for martial artists. SCiMA's interest is in the promotion of child safeguarding within martial arts not the specifics of the martial art being taught.

Although self-governing, SCiMA will work in partnership with national and international organisations to promoting best practice in martial arts coaching and organisational management. This includes professionalising coaching standards working with relevant organisations in the UK and internationally.

SCiMA Services 

SCiMA provide the following services:

  • SCiMA martial arts workforce DBS checking service 
  • SCiMA child protection and safeguarding training
  • SCiMA registered martial arts coach database
  • SCiMA safeguarding policy guidance
  • SCiMA casework management

For more information about registration visit the SCiMA website.