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Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) UK CIC

Welcome to the corporate website for the Society for Creative Anachronism in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland (SCA UK CIC). This site is designed to provide information on the company’s policies, procedures and corporate governance. Information relating to recreating medieval activities and experiences can be found on the websites linked below.


The Board of Directors


  • Jeff Berry (Alexandre Lerot d'Avignon) - Chair of the Board of Directors
  • E. A. Brown (Genevieve la flechiere) - Company Secretary
  • Michelle Parker (Valda Kevinsdottir) 
  • Paul Blackwell (Paul de Gorey)
  • Joel Fowler (Joel ben Stuart) - Finance

Membership Secretary

Company Secretary

  • E. A. Brown (Genevieve la flechiere) - bod-secretary AT insulaedraconis.org (manual editing of email address is required)

Short description of the duties of the Board and Officers. (Opens in a new window.)

Company Members not on Board

  • Mary Frost
  • Robert Garnett
  • Susanne Hülsmann
  • Dr J A McGowan
  • Ellen Rawson
  • Fiona Scerri
  • Nik Whitehead




Information about the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)

Documents - Affiliation Agreement

Documents - Insurance Current

Documents - Procedures

Documents - Company

Affiliated groups

For full detail of the affiliated groups, their location and events go to https://www.insulaedraconis.org

  • Depedene under Wychwood
  • Dun in Mara
  • Eplaheimr
  • Flintheath
  • Glen Rathlin
  • Harpelstane
  • Kingeslake
  • Mynydd Gwyn
  • Pont Alarch
  • Thamesreach
  • West Dragonshire


Your Membership Fees in Use

SCA CIC UK is a UK and Republic of Ireland-based affiliate of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., a 501(c)3 Educational Not-for-Profit organization, based in the US.
This affiliate is a local corporation, registered at Companies House, which provides its members services, like insurance. Your membership fees go towards:

  • 3rd party insurance: if SCA attendees damage a site by accident, the SCA CIC UK's insurance pays the site's costs for repairs
  • affiliate fees to SCA Inc in the US: so we stay part of the larger Society. When you attend an event in another kingdom, or another affiliate, the gatekeeper accepts your SCA CIC UK membership as valid to attend to play, fight, fence and marshal by shared Society rules
  • online services: a yearly fee for MemberMojo, to manage memberships and renewals online, and deliver your membership info by email
  • bank fees: to process payments and withdrawals
  • accountant's fees: to do our books once a year

Your paid membership does not contribute to the principality of Insulae Draconis' funds for royal travel, for regalia, for events like Raglan ffair, or for contingencies. Those funds are wholly separate, managed by the principality exchequer.

Documents - Old

  1. Society For Creative Anachronism TP Cover Letter Historical 2017-18
  2. Policy Schedule 2017-2018
  3. Policy Schedule 2018 - 2019 (up to May 2019)
  4. Society For Creative Anachronism Cover Letter Historical 161118.pdf
  5. SCA UK CIC Insurance Policy Certificate 160903.pdf
  6. SCA UK CIC Insurance Policy Number 160903.pdf
  7. SCA UK CIC Insurance Additional £5m Certificate 161014.pdf
  8. SCA UK CIC Insurance Explanation 161014b.pdf
  9.  SCA UK Insurance Policy Schedule.pdf (May-July 2019)
  10. Society for Creative Anachronism Cover Summary 2019 - 2020.pdf
  11. ID CiC Insurance Cover Letter (2020 - 2021)

Past Board Members

  • Deborah Fairchild (Ursula Sturlasdatter) (Founding - May 2017)
  • Paul Thane-Clarke (Richard the Rampant) (Founding - September 2018)
  • Rich Garrett (Nasr ibn ‘Isa) (Founding - February 2020)
  • Mark Lawson (Elffin O’Mona) (Founding - January 2021)
  • Drew Shiel (Aodh O Siadhail) (Founding - January 2021)

For support mail: Technical Support

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