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Joining fee applies £3

Welcome to Staffordshire & Shropshire Land Rover Club Limited




How to Join Staffordshire & Shropshire Land Rover Club and Off Road Club

It is advisable to read our Privacy Policy before joining S&S – but in brief the following applies:-

  • Staffs & Shrops Land Rover Club can be contacted by post addressed to Grange Farm Barn, Wollaston, Church Eaton, Stafford. ST20 0AA. S&S LRC has a legitimate interest in using the personal data you give to them on this form for communicating with you on matters relating to the club activities.

  • Your personal data will not be transferred to any other person or organisation and will be deleted from the club records in line with the Companies Act 2006. You have the right to request from the club access to and rectification of your personal data. If you feel that your personal data has been misused, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioners Office.

If you are unable to pay for membership by PayPal please contact the Membership Secretary Mat Joyce – details can be found under Committee Contacts.

Staffs & Shrops LRC offer two types of membership – please read about the different types below before joining/renewing.

Full Membership – £26 per year for a new member

Membership renewal - £23 per year

A full membership allows you to enter all event types held by S&S, any other ALRC or Motorsport UK registered club. You will receive the club magazine ‘Talegate’ through the post*, and you will have full voting rights at the club’s Annual General Meeting usually held in January or February. They are also entitled to a copy of the ALRC Handbook (Green Book) available by contacting the Club Secretary.

* Only one copy of Talegate is posted to each address no matter how many members live there.

Please note that a membership is deemed to have expired if not renewed within one month of the renewal date. These members will then be classed as new members and therefore have to pay the higher price.

NB – Members who intend to drive in Comp Safari must also hold a Motorsport UK Competition Licence, Non Race Clubman or above.

Family Membership – Free of Charge

A family membership is for spouses, partners, or children who do not need a full membership card (ie. to drive a TYRO, or sit in RTV’s and CCV’s) that live at the same address as the full member. These members receive a Family Membership Card, but have no voting rights at the AGM.

Staffs & Shrops Off Road Club Membership

Please note that all full members are automatically members of Staffs & Shrops ORC (allowing them to drive non ALRC vehicles at open events held by ALRC clubs) free of charge.

Download a printable membership form here.

Notes on Membership

# Data Protection; S&S LRC/ORC Ltd treat members privacy like we treat our own, we will not pass any members details onto any other organisations for any purpose including marketing (except the ALRC, or if required to do so by law).

* All members are also members of the ALRC who require information about them, including name, address and when they joined/left the club. The ALRC have issued the following statement regarding Data Protection; “The ALRC will not use any personal information provided about club members for marketing purposes either directly itself or through third parties”.

Please note that S&S use emails to remind members of upcoming events, and to pass on relevant news and important information.

Rules Regarding Who Can Drive at What Age

  • Drivers aged 13 years or more can enter TYRO (Try Your Rover Offroad) ideal for novice drivers or those using showroom specification vehicles.
  • Drivers aged 15 years or more can enter RTVT (Road Taxed Vehicle Trial) if they have competed in 4 TYROs.
  • Drivers aged 15 years or more can enter CCVT (Cross Country Vehicle Trial) if they have competed in 4 RTVs.
  • Drivers aged 16 years or more can enter Timed Trials if they have competed in 4 CCVs.
  • COMP SAFARI – drivers must hold a full driving licence, navigators must be aged 16 years or more.

NB – Non licence holding drivers must be accompanied by a passenger holding a full driving licence, who must be a member of a Motorsport UK registered club, and be experienced in off road driving. Plus the vehicle must be driven between sections by a person holding a full driving licence.

Regarding Memberships & Driving/Sitting in:

  • A family member can drive in a TYRO.
  • The driver in any other discipline must be a member of the club.
  • A family member of 14 years can sit in a RTV, but if the vehicle is a “mass produced, production vehicle” that age is lowered to 12 years, but if the vehicle is “open” then the age is raised to 16 years or over.
  • A family member of 14 years or over can sit in a CCV.
  • A family member of 16 years and over can sit in a timed trial.
  • Passengers in Comp Safari must be a full member.