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Adult (aged 18+ years)

Youth (aged 11-17 years)

Joining fee applies £3

Welcome to Sabotage Events

We pride ourselves with our passion for all forms of leisure combat where we can offer Combat Laser Tag, Airsoft, Paintball, AirowTag, Archery, Adventure Races, Air Rifles and Bushcraft. In addition to these activities we also offer bespoke expeditions, corporate events (incentive & promotion) and themed adventures.

We have been offering leisure combat event to our civillian clients since 2003; year on year we continue to grow by following the basic principle of creating a site that we ourselves would wish to play. We are proudly independent with no hidden tricks or "VIP" tickets, no hard sell in the shopping centre so that the price you see is the price you pay.

Airsoft; Purchase a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF)
If you wish to become involved with the sport of airsoft (we hope you do!) you will most likely wish to purchase a realistic airsoft weapon. In order to purchase such a weapon and not one that is primary coloured you will need to belong to one of the authorised governing bodies for airsoft in the UK such as British Airsoft Clubs (BAC) or UKARA. Membership of UKARA or BAC will enable you to be able to purchase a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF) with participating retailers.

To become a member of BAC or UKARA players will register themselves, and will provide details of three BAC or UKARA registered airsoft sites that they have attended in a period of time greater than two months.  This information will be verified with the airsoft sites and once confirmed; players will become a member of the BAC or UKARA. By being a member of Sabotage we can easily and transparently confirm with BAC or UKARA who you are, what you look like and confirm the days that you actually played with minimal delay or complication using our member database. We have a minimal £3 admin fee to join Sabotage, this goes someway to cover the costs of creating and maintaining a member database and the production cost of your double sided Sabotage membership card; there after there are no other membership fees.

Being a member on game day reduces red tape
By becoming a member of Sabotage you will be able to greatly streamline the start of your day on site. As a registered member when you arrive in basecamp you will no longer need to complete the paper consent form. Simply go to the main counter and show your membership card. A member of Sabotage will scan the QR code on the back of your card to record your visit and register you for the day. That will leave plenty of time for you to grab a brew of tea, get your kit ready and chrono.


A mixture of the old and the new, we embrace new emerging military training technologies as well as honouring older, more traditional forms. For example; want to play Call Of Duty style games for real in the great outdoors? Sign up for a tour of duty with Sabotage Laser. Played outdoors, over 200m range, red dot scope, no face mask and unlimited ammunition.


Or maybe earn the traditional art of Archery on the Sabotage outdoor range under the expert guidance of our Archery GB qualified instructors. Alternatively why not put your new skills to test on the battlefield where archers can safely shoot at each other using our innovative .50 cal Airowtag system...let the hunt begin!

We look forward to seeing you down in the woods!