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Sharon Windebank


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1st claim non EA affiliated 1

EA Affiliation only - To add EA Affiliation to your non EA affiliated membership 1

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Full time student 1,2

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Honorary with EA affiliation 1,2

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1 Expires 31/03/2023

2 Membership requires approval

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Welcome to Royston Runners

Whether your an existing RR member renewing their membership or a new member joining you will find all the information you need on this website. Just follow the instructions or use the 'Help' facility. You can pay online (which is our preferred method) via a Paypal account or your credit or debit card, alternatively information is provided on other payment methods.

Please keep your contact details up to date, especially your email address as this will ensure you receive up to date club communications.

If you have any queries about membership please email membershipsecretary@roystonrunners.co.uk

Thank you for being a member of Royston Runners and enjoy your running and all our club has to offer.