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Welcome to Rother Valley Working Newfoundlands

We are really pleased that you are considering joining us in having fun with our dogs.  We are a friendly group with a range of backgrounds but with a common obsession for Newfoundland dogs. 

During the summer season, which can start in March, we spend our time training our dogs for water rescue type work and activities.  The winter season, essentially when the water is too cold but normally from October, we still get together but our focus is on obedience training, draught (cart) work and scentwork.  There is the opportunity to work towards standard levels for both water and draught and for those that want there are tests to attend to see how well you and your dog are getting on.  Add in demonstrations, meet & greets, camping trips, group walks and a festive Christmas gathering and the result is a very full and exciting year.  Nothing is mandatory.  In all events the focus is to have FUN with your dogs.

As we train as a group there is no need to have any prior experience or knowledge; we all muck in and help each other.  Those that have had some experience would be very welcome as well.  We are always keen on learning something new. 

Training with Rother Valley Working Newfoundlands can be something for the whole family and all ages are welcome.  For those younger members, we just ask that you convince a parent or guardian to be the lead member and come to training sessions with you.

There are a few rules that we have just to make sure that everyone (dogs and humans) stay safe and the group is organised.  Please read through our Code of Conduct as this is what we expect of all our members.  There is also a Constitution for those of you that want further details.

If you have any questions at all or just want to find out a bit more about what we do then you are welcome to get in touch or even come to a training session.  If you have all of the information you need, then feel free to get started on your membership application.

We look forward to seeing you soon and having new faces (furry and otherwise) join us.                                                          IMG_624718567E8F-1.jpeg




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