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1. Studio Member

2. Graduate Studio Member

3. Key Holder Subsidy

Welcome to Print To The People Studio Members

To use to facilities at Print To The People on an open access basis you need to be a member. Membership fees cover basic materials such as brown tape, newsprint etc but also go towards keeping the whole building open for all. 

We welcome new members, but you need to have had an induction in the print area you intend to use before you can book any open access time: If you need an induction please visit our shop and book your place on the next induction available. **We recommend waiting until you have booked an induction to buy membership**

Once you have and induction and membership you can book a session online at http://printtothepeoplebooking.co.uk/

Last thing, we’d like to make sure you’ve read our terms and conditions.

**please note that all membership fees are non refundable**


Studio Membership is for anyone who wishes to use the studio on an open access basis.

Graduate Membership is for any graduate (less that two years out of uni) who wishes to use the studio on an open access basis.

Key Holder Subsidy is for key holders only

If you have any questions then contact Jemma at Courses@printtothepeople.com