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Watersports Member

Associate Member

1 Joining fee applies £160

Expires 31/12/2024

Membership requires approval

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Payment: BACS.

Welcome to Porthcawl Powerboat & Ski Club

If you are unable to log in using your email address, please email ppsclub@outlook.com with details of your membership and a valid email address and this will be updated.

Failure to use your existing record will create a new member record and will add the joining fee to your subscription costs.

ANPR Cameras at Newton Beach

ANPR cameras have been installed at Newton Beach car park and are going live on Monday 24th April 2023.

Car parking charges will have to be paid from Monday 24th April 2023 as free parking will no longer apply to PPBSC members.

Membership Types (summarised)

Full Membership

  • Full use of the club facilities (including spouse/partner and children under 18)
  • Insurance to drive the tractors (full member only)

Watersports Membership (Non-powered craft only)

  • Full use of club facilities

Associate Membership

  • Insurance to drive the tractors to assist full member launch/recover their craft only

Information for Members

On joining the club you will be asked to attend a new members meeting (to be arranged in advance) held at the clubhouse. After joining, you will receive a copy of our rule book and constitution attached to the welcome email, please ensure you read this before attending the new members meeting.

Please Note

  • It can take up to 14 days to process your application and arrange a new members meeting.
  • Please do not expect to launch and use the club as soon as you have paid.
  • You are not permitted to use the club or launching facilities until you have had your new members meeting.

The rules can also be found here PPBSC Rules - February 2021.pdf

You will also be shown how to use the tractor and where to launch from on the beach as well as other safety information.


A copy of the insurance certificate for each craft. Certificate must have a minimum third party liability of 2 million pounds. Where the craft is in multiple ownership the names of all crew will need to be detailed.

  • On joining or renewal a Copy of the insurance certificate must be sent with your membership form and will be retained by PPS Club.

You must ensure you have your craft number on your trailer as well as the craft. This will ensure we can identify any craft that have not returned at the end of the day.

Please ensure you notify someone if you intend to stay out past dusk.


Ensure you have a second safety strap to secure your craft to your trailer whilst being towed by the tractor.
Never take the tractor in the water over the tow hitch.
Never launch past the Blue bins or in the middle of the beach at low tide.

Speed limit

Full throttle should not be engaged within 50 meters of the water's edge, except when a skier is starting from the beach.
Particular attention should be paid when entering or exiting the Slipway area and where people may be swimming.

Postal Applications

We are no longer accepting postal applications