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The best way of contacting us is by email to thepellspool@yahoo.co.uk

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The Friends of the Pells Scheme 2020 closed at the end of 2020.  We are retaining this page as reference for the scheme, when we are able to issue season tickets, potentially for our 2022 season.

For all up to date information on the Pells and tickets please see our webpages:

Thanks all!



May 2020. 

"Friends of the Pells" scheme 2020:  [scheme now closed]

In response to offers of financial help from our season ticket holders and others, we are now launching our 'Friends of the Pells Pool' fundraising scheme. You can use this online system to become a "Friend of the Pells" for 2020.  

Friends will be entitled to the equivalent of a 10% discount on the price of an adult season ticket should they buy an adult or family season ticket for our 2021 season.

Please be aware that becoming friend does not entitle you to a discount on any ticketing schemes we may introduce, if we are able to open for any period this year.

To become a Friend, simply click on the Join Us/Renew button on this page and follow the online instructions. Thank you!

Please email thepellspool@yahoo.co.uk if you have queries.

How to apply

(a) Season ticket holders from 2018 or 2019

If you had a season ticket last year or in 2018, should be able to log on to this system from the email you used to register previously.  With that email address, all your details should still be stored here for you from last year or from 2018. If you need to update any details, please do. 

You can then select the membership type "Friends of the Pells"

You should be able to pay online - we cannot take payments in person at this time.

There is only one category and price - £30. You are free to make an additional donation if you wish.

If you had a family season ticket, please do not remove or delink any existing family members, else you and we will lose their data from the system.  You would need to then reload them for future season tickets.  There is no additional cost for having multiple members - but of course only one 2021 discount is available for each £30.

(b) logging your details here for first time

If you have not used this online system to get a season ticket, you can use this online system to allow you to become a "Friend of the Pells" for 2020. It should contain all the information you need to order and pay online.

You do NOT need to upload a photo - that's there for our normal season tickets, but you are welcome to do so if you would like to.  

To cope with mutliple family season ticket info already held on this system, we have allowed up to 6 linked members. But you do not need to add any added members and there is only one price £30 unrelated to numbers of people registered. 

Practical details

Using this system you can order and pay online - choose the Paypal option to pay online.  

TO PAY ONLINE: use the Paypal option to pay on line. You can use credit cards even if you don't have Paypal account. 

We are not printing Friends of the Pells cards - but you can access and download one as pdf if you would like.

This does not give you any right of access to swim or concessions in future

You will receive email confirmation of membership which will count as proof of payment

If you still have any questions please email thepellspool@yahoo.co.uk