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Basic membership fee (includes BDI Insurance for up to 3 colonies)

Membership fee (plus BDI Insurance for between 4 and 5 colonies)

Membership fee (plus BDI Insurance for between 6 and 10 colonies)

Membership fee (plus BDI Insurance for between 11and 15 colonies)

Membership fee (plus BDI Insurance for between 16 and 20 colonies)

Membership fee (plus BDI Insurance for between 21 and 25 colonies)

Membership fee (plus BDI Insurance for between 26 and 30 colonies)

Membership fee (plus BDI Insurance for between 31 and 35 colonies)

Membership fee (plus BDI Insurance for between 36 and 40 colonies)

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Welcome to Pembrokeshire Beekeepers' Association


Pembrokeshire Beekeepers' Association (PBKA), was established over 100 years ago and is a charity whose objective is to encourage and support the craft of beekeeping in Pembrokeshire. We have some 200 members throughout the county. Many of these are new to beekeeping and have only one or two beehives, while others have many years experience which they are willing to share.  We are managed by a Committee, who set our strategy and ensure that we comply with our pbka-rules-of-the-association-2011.pdf

We are are affiliated to the Welsh Beekeepers’ Association, and are registered as a charity (Charity Commission Registration No. 509570).

We feel that it is especially important at this time to keep bees and to properly manage them to maximise their chances of survival. Wild populations of honeybees are reducing and even beekeepers are suffering losses of bees. Give your bees the best chance of survival by being informed of good practice. Everything the PBKA does is undertaken by volunteers, including taster sessions for the public, beekeeper training, educational talks, events, swarm collections, etc.


Membership of Pembrokeshire Beekeepers’ Association, is open to anyone with an interest in beekeeping. Note that you do not have to keep bees yourself, or even live in Pembrokeshire to be a PBKA member.


  • Membership for the whole household of any age and experience of beekeeping.
  • Access to experienced beekeepers for advice and assistance.
  • Practical meetings to discuss and learn about beekeeping.
  • Opportunity to take part in, or simply attend, the Association’s annual Honey Show.
  • Up to date information from Pembrokeshire Beekeepers' Association and the Welsh Beekeepers' Association.
  • Opportunity to hire the Association’s honey extractor.
  • Access to the online library of beekeeping information.
  • Product and Public Liability insurance for beekeepers arranged through the WBKA.
  • BDI insurance for replacement cost of frames and foundation destroyed under a Bee Diseases Control Order from a Bee Inspector, as a result of confirmation of foul brood disease.


Our year runs from the 1st January – but you can join at any time during the year.


  • Basic PBKA membership for 2021 (whether you are a beekeeper or not), starts at £25.00 and includes the whole family at the membership address. Please note that the Bee Disease Insurance (BDI) confirmation will be sent to you in due course by email. N.B. Any increase in the number of hives you have during the year, which exceed the number you have paid for, must be notified to the Membership Secretary immediately, in order to ensure continuation of BDI cover.
  • If you wish to become a PBKA Supporter rather than a full Member, there is a minimum annual fee of £10, which will entitle you to receive an online membership card (which can be printed off), newsletters, information on the PBKA website, details of forthcoming events such as the Honey Show, etc. N.B. This does not include insurance cover and if you wish to attend beekeeping training sessions, etc., you will need to become a full Member. 

HOW TO JOIN/RENEW?  Press the 'Join Us/Renew' button above and if you are new, please complete the online 'New Membership Application'. Then continue to pay the appropriate membership fee from your Credit/Debit card, or PayPal account, via the online 'PayPal' payment system at the 'Checkout'

Please ensure you check the membership fee scale, in order to send the correct amount; i.e. depending on the maximum number of colonies you expect to have during the year (if any).

N.B. If you do not have an email address, then please send an SAE to; P Eades, Heddfan, The Gail, Llangwm, Haverfordwest, SA62 4HJ, for a printed copy of your BDI confirmation.

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