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Adult MEMBERSHIP ONLY: (Over 16 years)

Junior MEMBERSHIP ONLY: (8-16 Years)

Child MEMBERSHIP ONLY: (under 8 years)

Adult SEASON TICKET (including membership): (Over 16 years)

Junior SEASON TICKET (including membership): (8-16 years)

Child SEASON TICKET (including membership): (under 8 years)

Visitor Spectator M’ship (for out-of-catchment visitors who often accompany child members poolside)

Adult Aqua MEMBERSHIP (For out of area Aqua Aerobics attendees only)

Expires 31/03/2025

Membership requires approval

Payment: Card.
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Welcome to Lordsfield Swimming Club


If you want to sign up to become a member of Lordsfield Swimming Club, you're in the right place!

Everyone who enters the pool grounds must be a member for insurance purposes. So even if you have no plans to swim but you are accompanying a child or are a pool volunteer, you'll need to sign up as a member and pay a £3.00 membership fee.


If you wish to apply for a season ticket, please select whether it is for a junior (age 8-16) or a child (under 8). The season ticket prices INCLUDE the membership fee of £3.  Existing members who wish to upgrade to a season ticket, can do this by going to our store here or clicking on the 'Visit Store' button on the 'Your Membership' page.  Please note that season tickets are non-refundable.


If you would rather pay as you swim, you need to pay your £3.00 membership in advance, and then you can pay a fee at the desk on the day that you want to swim.  It's £3.50 per child/child guest and £5 per adult/adult guest. Guests must only attend with an existing member.  Apologies, we're unable to accept payment for pay as you swim online at the moment.

A few tips when setting up your membership:

  1. Complete the membership form for yourself

  2. Then add a membership form for anyone in your family who wishes to use the pool. Each family member will need to have their own profile, but you can do this for them and just add your email address to all of them so you can manage them on your account. (This does mean that you have to repeat your home address, too - apologies)

  3. If you wish to add Gift Aid, please do this on all of your family’s profiles so that we can claim against the payment.

  4. Once you have submitted the form, it will come through to the membership team for approval. We will aim to do this within 24 hours.

  5. When your application has been approved, you can then complete the application by making your payment.

  6. You will then receive a membership card by email. Feel free to print it off or screen-grab it and keep it on your phone. You’ll be asked to show this at the reception desk when you arrive at the pool.  We can also provide membership cards at the desk.

Can't wait to see you at the pool!

Any questions, please email membership@overtonswim.org.uk