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UK Sole Membership 2022

UK Joint Membership 2022

Overseas Sole Membership 2022 - ELECTRONIC VISION ONLY 1

Overseas Joint Membership 2022 - ELECTRONIC VISION ONLY 1

Overseas Sole Membership 2022 - PRINTED & ELECTRONIC VISION 1

Overseas Joint Membership 2022 - PRINTED & ELECTRONIC VISION 1

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Expires 31/10/2022

Welcome to OGAE UK

The Organisation des Amateurs de l'Eurovision, or OGAE for short, is the largest Eurovision Song Contest fan network in the world.  Founded in Finland more than 20 years ago, the network now includes more than 40 national clubs across Europe and beyond, with over 12,000 individual members.

OGAE UK is the UK national club and, with over 1700 individual members, we are one of the largest of the national clubs within OGAE International.

Our club exists to promote interest in the Eurovision Song Contest by publishing a regular magazine and by organising various Eurovision-themed events across the country.  Vision magazine first appeared more than 25 years ago and has grown from a simple photocopied sheet to a full-colour A5 format quarterly magazine with the higest possible high production values.  Each year Vision provides members with a comprehensive review of the various national selections as well as the contest itself.  It also includes articles about Eurovision artists of the past, club news and details of Eurovision-themed events.

In addition to Vision magazine, we provide members with a regular email newsletter bringing the last news about the contest.

Each year, our annual convetion, the EuroBash, provides an opportunity for members to get together and to meet special guests linked to the contest, all followed by the obligatory Eurovision disco.

Our umbrella organisation, OGAE Internatonal, works closely with the EBU and each year's host broadcaster to try to secure member access to special fan ticket packages.  Access to tickets depends very much on each year's contest organisers and both prices and availability vary accordingly.  Demand from members is usually very high indeed and we only receive a limited allocation of ticket packages, so OGAE UK uses a ballot to determine which members are able to buy the tickets on offer.  Please remember that such packages are a bonus and not a right, and that membership of our club is about a lot more than getting access to Eurovision tickets.

PLEASE NOTE: Although no details of ESC22 ticketing arrangements have been released and we do not yet know if OGAE will be offered an allocation, we have nevertheless began our ticket ballot process.  People who join the club after 17 November 2021 will not be eligible to participate in the ballots but will be able to join a waiting list for any tickets that may become available.

Details of our club's structure and activities may be found on our website www.ogae.uk

We offer "sole" memberships for one individual and "joint" memberships for two people living at the same address.  Membership rights are identical for both categories, except that joint members only receive one copy of Vision magazine.   Residents of the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man should select the appropriate UK membership, residents of all other countries should select the appropriate Overseas membership.