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Welcome to OGAE Rest of the World

Everything you need to know about becoming a member

OGAE Rest of the World Fan Club has three categories of membership: Euphoria, Molitva and Satellite.

Becoming a member of OGAE Rest of the World offers many benefits and advantages:

– Mix with like-minded people, share ideas and experiences, get the latest information on events in cities where other members live
– Contribute to the ESC Covers website and get information from our sister website, ESCCovers
– Join our Facebook group
– Participation in OGAE contests
– The opportunity to apply for ticket packages at member prices.

Membership of the Rest of the World club is available in three categories, all of which are named after recent winning Eurovision songs.

If you live in a country which cannot access PayPal, please email us and we can arrange an alternative method of payment for your membership.


Euphoria members are eligible to apply for the club’s ticket list to attend the contest. They are also eligible to make contributions to the club to earn ticketing points. Euphoria members are eligible to vote on club matters including Board elections. Euphoria members are entitled to vote in the various contests held by OGAE each year, details of which are announced on this website. Euphoria membership gives the right to hold an OGAE Member card, which provides access to some of the events and venues in the host city during the period of the contest, and discounts at the eurovision.tv online shop. Please note, holding a Euphoria membership makes OGAE RoW your ‘primary’ club. Under OGAE International rules a member can have only one primary club. If you are a primary member of another club, you are welcome to consider Molitva membership below. Euphoria membership costs GBP8 in the first year and annual renewals cost GBP4.


Molitva members are fans of Eurovision who have already selected another OGAE club as their ‘primary club’ and want to have Rest of the World as their ‘secondary club’. Molitva members will already have an OGAE card from their primary club and are not entitled to a card from Rest of the World. Molitva members are only entitled to tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest through their primary club – not through Rest of the World. Molitva members are not entitled to vote in Rest of the World elections or changes to the Constitution. Nor are they entitled to vote as a Rest of the World member in the various contests held by OGAE each year. All voting will be done under their primary club membership. Molitva membership costs GBP4.


Satellite (unpaid) members are fans of Eurovision who enjoy being in contact with other fans but do not have any plans to attend the contest. For this reason, Satellite members do not need to apply for an OGAE Member card. Satellite members are entitled to vote in the various contests held by OGAE each year, details of which are announced on this website. Satellite membership is not open to residents of Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand or South Africa or to residents of European countries that already have an OGAE fan club.


OGAE Rest of the World collects and stores the data you enter above, including your name, mailing address, and email address.

OGAE Rest of the World will store these data and will use them exclusively to administer your membership in the club. This includes contacting you periodically regarding your membership, including a periodic newsletter. We will also share your data with OGAE International in the context of administering and verifying your membership in the club.

Other than as described above, OGAE Rest of the World will not sell, lease, or share your data with any businesses or other organizations for any purpose. Specifically, we do not sell data to businesses for marketing purposes.

By entering your name, mailing address, and email address above and clicking SUBMIT on this form, you consent to the storage and use of your data as described above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does paid (‘Euphoria’) membership guarantee a ticket to Eurovision?

Unfortunately, no. Depending on factors such as the size of the auditorium, the allocation of tickets across the entire OGAE Fan Club network, the popularity of the host city as a destination, and the number of tickets assigned to OGAE International by the host broadcaster, in some years demand is likely to exceed supply.

Can I belong to more than one OGAE club?

Yes, you can join more than one OGAE club. However, you must decide which will be your ‘primary club’ and which will be your ‘secondary club’. You may only hold a OGAE card and apply for ticket list/ballot at your primary club. If you choose Rest of the World as your secondary club, you must join as a Molitva member. See above for Molitva membership details.

Do I get a OGAE Membership card?

Only Euphoria members will receive a membership card. Satellite and Molitva members will not receive a card.

How do I get my membership card?

Within a month of recieving your membership application you will be sent a text message (SMS) to the mobile phone number you provided with details on how to create your membership card within Cardskipper. this is the electronic membership card application that OGAE International use for all members globally.

How long is my card valid?

Your card is valid for the length of your current (annual) Euphoria membership.

Can I have a joint subscription with another person?

No, membership is individual. If you have partner, they will need to become a member as well.

What is the period of membership?

The subscription period runs Eurovision to Eurovision. For 2020 this means 19 May 2019 to the end of the 2020 contest (date to be advised).

Can I resign my membership?

Yes, of course. Simply provide written notification to us at membership@ogaerotw.com.

Am I eligible for a refund if I cancel my membership?

No refunds are given to cancelled memberships.