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Service charge paying Household

Non-Service charge paying Household

Expires 31/08/2022

Membership requires approval

Welcome to Napsbury Park Residents Association

Our Mission:

The NPRA is run on a voluntary basis with no commercial interests. The committee is made up of volunteers who freely give their time.

Our aim is to represent all of the residents of Napsbury Park in a fair and equal way. To ensure that we live in a safe, clean and well maintained environment for everyone to enjoy.

The NPRA represent the best interests of all residents and represent the residents’ views to third parties who have an interest in the running / management of Napsbury Park.


The NPRA represents your interests in:

  1. Housing – in partnership with Building Developers, Council and Planning Offices
  2. Management Company and Managing Agent  - regarding maintenance, billing, contractors and service charge budgets
  3. Environment – ensuring the conservation of our beautiful parklands
  4. Social community – safeguarding peaceful living together with Neighbourhood Watch & the Police


Where to get information or ask questions:

  1. Our website: http://npra.org.uk  
  2. Social Media:
  3. Emails
  4. AGM – attend, voice your concerns, vote on NPRA matters at the annual AGM and other meetings


Eligibility for membership:

To be eligible for full membership of the NPRA the homeowner must contribute to the Napsbury Park service charge (Freeholder or Leaseholder).  For the purposes of the constitution, a resident is defined as a Napsbury Park homeowner paying service charges via the Managing Agent appointed by the Manager.

Non-service charge payers can apply to join.  However, they are not eligible to vote on any matters or join the NPRA committee.  


Annual NPRA membership fee:

NPRA household membership is £10 per annum. 

Once you join/renew, you can now pay online within MemberMojo with a credit or debit card or offline as before with a standing order or bank transfer. 


By becoming a member, you are opting in to receiving regular newsletters from the NPRA. 



The NPRA Constitution, names of Committee members and a copy of the latest Annual Accounts are available upon request (email preferred). The NPRA does not support any political party and has no political agenda.

Your contact details will be kept on a private register and made available only to NPRA Committee Members. They will only be used in the course of NPRA business and not disclosed to others. We urge you to join the Neighbourhood Watch & the OWL communication system. www.owl.co.uk



National Council for Voluntary Organisations: http://www.ncvo-vol.org.uk

NPRA Membership number: 8807