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Museum Volunteers, NARPO & Service Personnel

Welcome to the Museum of Policing in Devon and Cornwall Membership Page

The Museum of Policing in Devon and Cornwall is a registered charity that collects, preserves and celebrates the history of policing in Devon and Cornwall. 

The Museum holds a kaleidoscope of historical policing material including documents, photographs, and artefacts, and provides an in-depth array of material tracing the social history of the region as far back as 1790.

Through Member Mojo, you can register and pay to become a Member of the Museum (currently £24.00 per year). Previous Friends of the Museum members will have their membership frozen at £8.00 for the next two years, and there are a number of discounted membership options for NARPO members, those who currently work for the Devon and Cornwall police, as well as students and young people. 

Once you are registered as a Member, you can access your Member account on Member Mojo. Occassionally, the Museum will send out information relevant to your membership, upcoming events, or Member-exclusive content. All Member information is stored according to UK Data Regulations, and you are able to unsubscribe from any correspondence at any time. 

As a member of the Museum, you can enjoy exclusive monthly newsletters, free or discounted access to online and in-person talks by leading heritage professionals and experts covering a range of subjects from archive management to unsolved crimes. Members will have access to a member's programme of events and private tours of the collection plus access to our digital archive spanning over 200 years of policing heritage and social history.  

Members will receive: 

  1. Member exclusive monthly newsletters

  2. Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content – discover the work of our volunteers, interviews with our team, and learn from experts in the field 

  3. Free entry to members-only events and occasional talks with experts on a range of topics about policing heritage and the social history of Devon and Cornwall 

  1. Priority booking for the year’s open events, including tours of the collection (virtual or in-person, as allows), roaming exhibitions, talks, workshops, and more

  2. Free access through the firewall to our digital archives and members-only content