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Welcome to Mirfield Martial Arts Club

One of the country's longest established Aikido Dojos.




Proud to support our community by helping people of all ages with mind body and spirit.

Mirfield Martial Arts Club has been run Not-for-Profit since 1975.

Nobody is paid so everybody benefits.


How to Sign Up

For new members, you will simply require a valid email address and student photo (Passport type JPG).


Membership Payment

Sign Up fee is £22.50 (Senior and Juniors) payable the first night you train and includes 1 month training. 


Membership is paid monthly.

Standing order for Seniors: £22.50 a month and train when you want

Standing order for Juniors: £12.50 a month for a scheduled class.

Bank details will be emailed once you have registered.


So in plain English...

You're interested in training but you're new to martial arts and curious to try.

Step 1) Complete this online application.

Step 2) Visit the club for any training session that suits you.

Step 3) Pay a £22.50 fee.

Step 4) Train as many times as you want for a month to see how you like it.

Step 5) If you like it, set up a standing order and away you go.



Terms and Conditions

Firstly, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to train.

  • All students require insurance the moment they set a foot on the mat. It's a condition of the Insurance Policy.
  • Insurance and membership are continuous and renewed annually, however, should you wish to cease training there is no balance due.
  • Membership does not include any payments breaks for holidays etc. If a monthly payment is missed, a £20 Sign Up fee is required.