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Deleting Members

Automated deletion

When a member fails to renew they are moved to the Members / Expired Member List.

After the period Keep expired members for (months) defined on the Settings / Organisation page they are automatically removed and placed in the member archive if enabled.

Archived member details are automatically removed after the period Organisation History / Keep History for (months) defined on the Settings / Organisation page.

Manual deletion

Members can be manually removed from both the Member List and Expired Member List.

  1. Click any cell within the member row to select.
  2. Click in the toolbar under the table to delete the row (for active members you may be asked to blank the expiry date first as a precaution against accidental deletion).
  3. Enter a reason for deletion.
  4. Save.

Manually deleted members will be moved to the member archive if enabled.

Right to Erasure

Under GDPR members can request their personal details are completely removed from your database. This means their member record will be removed (not archived), and any activity, attendance and (optionally) payment records containing their name or email are anonymised.

  1. View the member's profile by clicking on their name or entering it into the search box under our logo.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Right to Erasure section at the bottom of the profile page.

To erase archived members please contact membermojo support.

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