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Welcome to Mental Health Football in Wales


About MHFW Membership


The “Membership” are the voting decision makers for MHFW (the Charity), in effect giving members full control of the future of our charity. Anybody can join, and the Membership is run on a one-member, one-vote basis. Elections will be held each year at an AGM to decide which members sit on our board of Trustees* and for what period of time.


Who are the Membership?


The Membership are the guardians of all principles and aims by which MHFW operates. The Membership are committed to strengthening the voice of members in the decision-making processes at the charity and strengthening links between the charity and the wider community of Mental Health Football in Wales.


The history of MHFW and the Membership


MHFW was established in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic, initially the idea was to set up a group on social media where anyone who was struggling with their mental health during lockdown could interact with others, in the hope of alleviating feelings of isolation.​​

​During this time the idea grew online and as we headed out of restrictions MHFW was co-created between our members and founder, with anyone wanting to be involved being given an equal opportunity to do so.

MHFW set out to be member owened with everyone having a vote on its future development, direction, strategy and delivery.




First question - what’s in it for you by becoming a member?


Your membership makes you a part-owner of Mental Health Football in Wales (MHFW), with the same stake in the charity as all other members.


MHFW is democratic – one member gets one vote, everyone is equal, and your voice will be heard. You get a say in the planning and delivery of the charity’s activities. (For example, the membership fees of 100 members would pay for a seasons worth of our fun, football wellbeing sessions or 2 matchday events.


By joining MHFW you help support MHFW’s aim for adults in Wales with lived experience of mental ill health to be able to use football to connect as a positive tool in managing mental wellbeing.


You can stand for election to become a trustee of the Charity.


Your membership fee will be invested in the charity achieving its aims and will directly benefit members.


Who can join?


MHFW is inclusive – anyone who cares about MHFW can join. You can even live outside the UK – although we ask that you choose to receive your communications via email to save us postage costs!


How much does it cost?


Adult membership – £10 per year (that’s just 19p per week!)