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New Adult Membership (includes £19 EA fee) 1,2

New Junior Membership (U18 on 1st September 2024) (includes £19 EA fee) 1,2

Family (3 or more COMPETING members) incl. EA fee. Complete a separate add on form for each member 1

Family membership add on (use when a family membership has been paid for) 1

U11 (Year 5) New Members. Year 6 athletes MUST apply for a junior membership 1

Uni Student (non M&M) (already with a paid EA from 1st claim Club) 1

M&M Home Uni Student (includes £19 EA fee) 1

Away Uni Student (M&M member attending out of area Uni, includes £19 EA fee) 1

Road Runners/KFL only (includes £19 EA registration fee) 1

No track use (not using Club facilities at Medway Park or Sutton Valence) 1

EA Reg. fee only (i.e for competing life-members, athletes of volunteers) 1

Second Claim Membership (BY INVITATION ONLY) 1

Non-competing life members, volunteers, coaches, officials 3

Army membership (includes £19 EA) 1

1 Expires 31/03/2025

2 New member rate

3 New member rate, renewal Free

Welcome to Medway and Maidstone Athletic Club


New members (only to be completed if invited to join)

  1. Click the Join Us/Renew button (at the bottom right of this page).
  2. Fill in the first page, selecting the appropriate membership type, then click 'next'
  3. Review your details, then click the 'select payment' button 
  4. On the next page choose a payment type (STRIPE/BACS is preferred at this time but contact the membership secretary to enquire for payment by cheque or cash).

Once you have finished that page you will be sent an acknowledgment email containing the payment details. You will receive a further acknowledgement email when your payment has been processed (this is a manual process so don't expect an immediate response, you will normally get an acknowledgement up to 7-10 days later). 

Please see below for instructions if you are creating a second or subsequent member using the same email address. 



Log into MemberMojo as follows:

  1. Click the Sign In button at the top right hand corner.
  2. Enter your email address in the Email box.
  3. Click the Log in via email button.
  4. You will be sent an email with a link in, click on the link (or copy and paste the URL into your browser's address bar).
  5. Click the orange renew button

Renewing multiple members with the same email address

This is the same as renewing a single member except that when you sign in with the email address you should see a pull down list of all of your names on the top line to the left of the 'sign out' above the MemberMojo logo

Adding another member with the same email address

Follow steps 1 to 4 of the instructions above to sign in then select the 'add member' button at the bottom right of the page. 

The club will store your data for the following purposes:
- To communicate with you
- To keep track of young athletes' attendance
- To register you with England Athletics (if relevant)
- Team selection
- Determining eligibility for awards and competition entry
- Entering members and teams into competitions
- Compiling results
- Use of medical information given in an emergency
- Communication with contacts given in the event of an emergency
- To support the club's financial records