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EBS Anytime 3mth

EBS Anytime 6mth

EBS Anytime 12mth

EBS Off-Peak + Quiet 3mth

EBS Off-Peak + Quiet 6mth

EBS Off-Peak + Quiet 12mth

EBS+ULip Anytime 3mth

EBS+ULip Anytime 6mth

EBS+ULip Anytime 12mth

EBS+ULip Off-Peak+Quiet 3mth

EBS+ULip Off-Peak+Quiet 6mth

EBS+ULip Off-Peak+Quiet 12mth

EBS+ULip+Chin Anytime 3mth

EBS+ULip+Chin Anytime 6mth

EBS+ULip+Chin Anytime 12mth

EBS+ULip+Chin Off-Peak+Quiet 3mth

EBS+ULip+Chin Off-Peak+Quiet 6mth

EBS+ULip+Chin Off-Peak+Quiet 12mth

FullFace Anytime 3mth

FullFace Anytime 6mth

FullFace Anytime 12mth

FullFace Off-Peak+Quiet 3mth

FullFace Off-Peak+Quiet 6mth

FullFace Off-Peak+Quiet 12mth

EBS - Brows Only   EBS+ULIP - Brows & Upper Lip Only
EBS+ULIP+CHIN - Brows, Upper Lip & Chin only
FullFace - Means Face only - does not include neck

Join Us / Renew
Payment: PayPal, card, Cash In-Store or Card In-store.

One Price  - Unlimited Threading Treatments

Be Quick - Limited number of memberships available

Thank you for showing interest in our membership scheme that we are trialling in our branches in Westfield and St Pauls. 

What is the Malika Membership scheme and how does it work?

It is very simple you pay one fee that allows you to visit us as many times as you want for the threading treatments included in your membership?

How long are the memberships?

We have 3, 6 and 12 month memberships you decide what suits you best. The 12 months membership offers the best value.

Why have we created a membership scheme?

We listened to you – our customers. It is because we want you to have PERFECT MALIKA EYEBROWS all the time, so pop-in anytime – even for the smallest tweak.

You only seem to offer 4 options  - Eyebrows, Eyebrows\Upper Lip, Eyebrows\UpperLip\Chin and Full Face – I want other options?

We have created memberships for our most common options – with so many different parts of the face it is difficult to offer every different combination. If you would like a different combination please email member@malika.co.uk and we will try to help you.

What are the terms and conditions of the membership?

We are a small family run business that aims to deliver high quality work and puts the customer first. We kept our terms and conditions short as we want to trust our customers.

                                   Terms and Conditions of Membership

During the start of the trial period the membership system will only be available in our Westfield  and St Pauls salons. When the trial is rolled out to other salons you will be able to visit other salons as well.

Other than death and/or serious illness (we may require proof of illness) no refund is available on your membership. If a refund is to be given it will be done on the following terms. We will work out the number of full months left on the membership, deduct 2 months to cover our admin and system running costs and refund the money.

If you have purchased an off-peak\quiet time membership we kindly ask that you come for your treatment at the appropriate time. Please note that Off-Peak\Quiet times are different in different salons. We are initially using this system in Westfield only but it will be rolled out to other locations if the system proves popular.

In the event that we decide to cancel the membership system Malika will keep running all the  memberships that have been taken out during the trial period. If we cancel the membership system there will be no option to renew the membership when your memberships runs out.

Thats it - nothing else – we told you we will keep it simple.

                                            Timings for the Westfield Salon



St Pauls\Bank\City


Peak Time


Peak Time





12pm–2.30pm & 5pm-7pm

10am-12pm & 2.30pm–5pm




12pm–2.30pm & 5pm-7pm

10am-12pm & 2.30pm–5pm


  4pm - 10pm


12pm–2.30pm & 5pm-8pm

10am-12pm & 2.30pm–5pm


  4pm - 10pm


12pm–2.30pm & 5pm-8pm

10am-12pm & 2.30pm–5pm


  4pm - 10pm


12pm–2.30pm & 5pm-8pm

10am-12pm & 2.30pm–5pm


  12pm - 7pm

10am-12pm & 7pm-10pm




   1pm - 6pm