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Adult Membership 1,4,8

Joint Adult Membership 1,6,8

Family Membership (2 Adults & Juniors living in the household) 1,7,8

Student Membership 1,8

Junior Membership 1,8

Adult Membership (NOWA) 1,3,8

Joint Adult Membership (NOWA) 1,5,8

Temporary 2

We use a secure online membership system called membermojo. All online payments and links to membermojo.co.uk are safe and secure.

1 Expires 31/12/2024

2 New member rate

3 New member rate, renewal £53

4 New member rate, renewal £63

5 New member rate, renewal £77

6 New member rate, renewal £87

7 New member rate, renewal £97

8 Membership requires approval

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Why Join Lympstone Sailing Club?

Sailing on the Exe Lympstone Sailing Club

LSC is a members-only Club. You don't need to be an avid sailor to join! Joining LSC gives you access to one of the most active clubs in Lympstone.  We have a full on-water programme, including racing and fun events, all covered by our club safety boats.  We have a fleet of club boats which are free to use for members. The clubhouse bar is open every Friday throughout the year, serving excellent wines, spirits and bottled beers at very competitive prices. In the summer, the club is open for races and events. Members are invited to talks and events, often free. Our social programme is always popular and our dinner dance is legendary!

In the bar, sailing is often the focus of discussion, it maybe about the last race, a paddle up to The Bridge, or more long distance adventures as many of our members have cruisers on both the Exe and abroad. We have an active fleet of Lasers and other dinghies, a mixture of day boats including luggers, and a growing number of kayaks, canoes and SUPs. We run race training, sail training, regattas and family on-water events including picnics and BBQs.  In the winter months, there are talks on a wide range of topics - often sailing related, but we have covered everything from birds on The Exe to wild-fires and how to start them in the past!  Friday mariners lunches are very popular, and if there is nothing planned the bar is always open on a Friday evening for a quiet drink amongst friends.

Membership Options:

All memberships at Lympstone Sailing Club begin on 1st January and end on 31st December the same year. 

Full Memberships (Valid from 1st January 2024):

Adult Membership - £63 

Joint Adult Membership - £87 

Family Membership (2 Adults & Up to 4 Juniors)​ - £97

Student Membership - £20

Junior Membership - £10 

Memberships with No On-Water Activity (NOWA):

Adult Membership (NOWA) - £53

Joint Adult Membership (NOWA) - £77

How To Join

1. Are you new to boating in Lympstone?

Lympstone Sailing Club organises social & boating activity in Lympstone but does not own the harbour, moorings, berthing or launching rights. Lympstone Fishery & Harbour Association (LF&HA) owns the harbour, moorings & berthing in Lympstone.  Only LF&HA Members may seek licenses to launch, moor or berth vessels on LF&HA property - LSC members must also be LF&HA members before boating in Lympstone.

For more information & FAQs about keeping a vessel in Lympstone, please visit the LF&HA website.

2. Choose your membership plan and register online - it's easy!

We accept, PayPAl, cheques and BACS payments. We use a secure online membership system called membermojo.co.uk . All changes to address, contact, or family details are made through our secure online membership system, and all links and payments to membermojo.co.uk are safe.

Please select your subscription level and click the orange button Join us/Renew to begin!  

3. Register to use the members only area of the website.


Registering will give you access to members only areas of this website, including booking club boats.



How can I join Lympstone Sailing Club?

The easiest thing to do is to click on the orange button on this page, and complete the online form. We take payments securely online, but also offer other payment methods such as PayPal, cheque or BACS. 

Alternatively you can use a paper membership application form available from membership@lympstonesailingclub.co.uk

I can’t sail but want to join

Quite a few of our members no longer sail but enjoy the atmosphere and social events. If you’d like to sail, we will try to help you find someone to sail with. We run sail training courses, although these are primarily for youngsters. There are more sail training programme at Starcross or Exe sailing clubs.

How do I use the Club boats?

The club boats are for all members to use but must be booked out and treated with respect. Please use the boat booking form on the website.  If you’d like some help with rigging first, please contact our sailing secretary on enquiries@lympstonesailingclub.co.uk

How do I get a mooring?

The moorings are owned and run by the Lympstone Fishery & Harbour Association (LFHA) so you need to join them as well as joining LSC. They will talk to you about where to site your mooring and give advice on the most appropriate mooring for the Exe and your boat. 

How do I get a dinghy, tender or kayak space?

The land around the Club is owned by the Lympstone Fishery & Harbour Association (LFHA). They administer the spaces and the waiting list.

As an LSC member, how do I go about arranging to keep my boat at the harbour and/or on a mooring?

The foreshore, harbour and moorings  are owned by the Lympstone Fishery & Harbour Association.  You must therefore seek licenses from the Harbour Board to use their property.  Due to limited berthing space, there are waiting lists for certain facilities, in particular, dinghy summer dry berthing.  For more information please refer to FAQs on the above website.  Also under Membership, you can find Application for Membership forms.



Download Bylaws


Welcome to Lympstone Sailing Club (LSC). Your participation in the Club’s objectives is vital to the continued success of the Club. LSC functions only with the voluntary co-operation of its members. All members should expect to be requested to help with the running of the Club, either in its activities or the general upkeep and maintenance of its facilities.

1. Authority

1.1. The General Committee is responsible for raising Bylaws in accordance with paragraph 5.2 of the Club Rules. These Bylaws are intended to amplify these rules where appropriate and to assist the General Committee to clarify areas not necessarily defined within the Club’s rules.

2. Financial Year

2.1. The Club’s financial year runs from 1st October to 30th September.

3. Membership

  1. 3.1 The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December.
  2. 3.2 The full annual membership will be payable irrespective of the date of joining in the year (See 3.5).
  3. 3.3 No refunds will be payable to members who leave the club or resign their membership part-way through a membership year.
  4. 3.4 A previous member may be re-elected without payment of the joining fee, providing the absence is within 5 years of the date of resignation, and at the discretion of the General Committee. This Bylaw will not apply, however, where a member has been removed from the membership list by the General Committee (usually for non-payment of subscriptions).
  5. 3.5 If a member joins the Club on or after 1st November, then a full membership fee will be paid at the going rate for the current membership year, but no membership fee will be levied for the membership year immediately following.
  6. 3.6Juniors under 7 years of age at the start of the membership year can be added free to a membership. Juniors aged between 7 – 17 at the start of the membership year can be added to a Family Membership.
  7. 3.7 A Family Membership is limited to two adults aged over 17 living in the same household at the start of the membership year, there is no limit to the number of juniors (living in the same household as the adult member) that can be added to a Family Membership.
  8. 3.8 A member who has been removed from the membership list for non-payment of fees shall be reinstated upon payment of a fee equivalent to 50% of the current joining fee. This facility will expire 30 days before the end of the membership year, whereupon the full joining fee will become applicable.

4. Use of premises

4.1.  All activities must be submitted to the Hon. Secretary in writing and logged in the club diary/calendar to avoid double bookings.

4.2.  The General Committee will determine and maintain the hire charges which will be made available upon request.

4.3.  Members will receive preferential rates for hire of the Club facilities.

4.4.  Members will receive preference over non-members if the availability of the facilities is in doubt.

4.5.  The use of the Club facilities, (not including the bar) by individuals, groups, or associations who are not exclusively club members must be applied for in writing to the Hon. Secretary. The approval for such use will be at the discretion of the General Committee.

4.6.  Hire of the Club facilities will extend to the following. In all cases, except for 4.6.3, a member must be nominated and accepted by the General Committee who will be held responsible for the event:

4.6.1. Members and the appropriate number of guests

4.6.2. Organisations with links to the Club

4.6.3. Non-member Lympstone residents, excluding the bar. (No keys will be provided, but someone will be nominated to unlock and prepare the premises beforehand, then check and lock the premises afterwards.)

4.6.4. Non-member Lympstone residents, including the bar with special licence. An additional charge will be made for the special licence.

4.7. Use of the premises (including the bar) is in strict adherence with the Club rules.

4.8  Any member can open up the club premises for the sole use of club members if there is no prior booking. On such occasions the use of the bar must be in strict adherence of the Club Rules and the Club License. The Member opening the Club premises will take responsibility for ensuring that the premises are left clean and secure after everyone has left.

4.9  At no time must dogs or other domestic animals be allowed to enter the Club premises.


Sailing on the Exe with Lympstone Sailing Club