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Expires 31/12/2021

Welcome to Labour in Exile Network

Labour in Exile Network membership is open to all those who pay the annual membership fee, including those who remain in the Labour Party, those who have been unfairly suspended or expelled in the last five years and those who have resigned from the Labour Party in despair of the party’s direction of travel under Keir Starmer and Dave Evans. LIEN urges all those who oppose the witch-hunt against the left to stay in the Party and fight.

Our Plan for Change is aimed at thoroughly democratising the Labour Party. It was discussed, amended and agreed upon at our founding conference on February 27: 

1. Democratise the Labour Party!

We need a system of democratic, open selection of Labour’s representatives at all levels, including MPs. The Governance and Legal Unit should be scrapped and replaced with a democratically elected body. We will campaign for the democratisation and accountability of the NEC, including a review of the voting system, and a sovereign Labour Party conference. Conference should have the right to initiate a leadership contest and we will mobilise to vote against David Evans at the next LP conference. We call on branches and CLPs to vote for no confidence in Keir Starmer, who has waged an all-out war against the left.

2. For free speech!

The right to free speech is coming under increasing  attack in the world at large and can no longer be guaranteed. We will campaign for Labour Party members, branches and CLPs to have the right to discuss any issues they like, without the threat of censure or suspension. We urge branches and CLP to ignore instructions of issues being “not competent business” as unconstitutional. We campaign against the recommendations of the EHRC report, which demands that antisemitism cases are outsourced and which leads to a curtailing of free speech. We will campaign to overturn the party’s commitment to the so-called definition of antisemitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, which conflates anti-Zionism and criticism of Israel with antisemitism in a number of its examples. Instead, we need a culture of open and free debate on all matters. 

3. Stop the witch-hunt!

We will campaign for all cases of unwarranted suspension and expulsion since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader to be reviewed in an unbiased and democratic manner, with a view to possible reinstatement. We will campaign for the party’s complaints and disciplinary procedures to be radically overhauled so that they are transparent, carried out in accordance with the principles of natural justice as set out in common law. This process should be time-limited: charges not resolved within three months should be automatically dropped and an accused member should be given all the evidence submitted against them and be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. 

Join us!