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I Like To Watch Membership: online class library recordings


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I Like To Watch: For £35/year, you get access to our Online Class Library




Click here to watch a sample video.


COVID19 forced us to move our classes online, and we have now amassed enough how-to videos to warrant a secret Vimeo collection - BEHOLD: the LBK online class library! 

MARVEL at the breadth of content! 

GRIMACE at the 2 hour class length! (that subsequently became 1 hour) 

ENQUIRE as to how you can watch! 

Recorded classes include:

  • How to single speed a bike
  • How to pack your bike
  • Bar Tape-Along
  • Painless puncture repair
  • Route planning with apps
  • Rim Brakes home maintenance
  • Caring for disc brakes at home
  • How to buy a 2nd hand bike
  • How to change your chain at home
  • How to clean your chain at home
  • Bare Minimum Bike Maintenance
  • How to paint a bike
  • How do gears work?
  • How to index a rear derailleur
  • The Bike Whisperer: what do all those sounds mean?
  • Keeping tabs on your bike: the M-check
  • The Road to Paris-Brest-Paris

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online class rec 2.png

online class rec 3.png

Yes friends, we have videos now, and for the low low price of £35/year, you can join the library as an "I Like To Watch” member and have access to your heart’s content. Videos will be added every week (Vimeo limit how many uploads I can make on their entry level plan.) 

Add £3.30 to get a real live plastic membership card. Makes a great gift! (You don't have to get an IRL plastic card, we'll keep track of your bits on our end.) If you order a card, it will take up to 2 weeks to arrive at your doorstep, as they are personalised!

DIY Workshop Memberships - these have been paused for the duration and will restart when we reopen

We see so many bikes come in that need £200-300 pounds of work, and the shock on people's faces is painful to see. Your investment is a great reminder for you to take care of your beloved, and you end up saving loads of dosh when you do regular maintenance. It's a win-win sitch, amirite?

Join online here via Member Mojo. Member Mojo will be looking after your membership, and will send you a reminder when you need to renew (hooray! The machines are taking over!)

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