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I Like To Watch Membership

I Like To Watch Membership PLUS membership card

Hex Education: 1st Semester 1

1 Expires 31/12/2020

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Are you ready for some empowerment?

Welcome to Hex Education!

  • Online LIVE bike maintenance 3 month class package

  • Online class library 24/7

Choose your figher:

Hex Education: automatic entry to all live classes for the semester + online class library

I Like To Watch Membership: online class library only


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I Like To Watch: For £35/year, you get access to our Online Class Library (see below for details)

Hex Education: For £50/semester, get automatic entry into all LIVE classes + access to the online class library

Save 50% when you book the entire semester!

hex education first semester.jpg

Live classes are on Fridays at 1pm 

Ask a Mechanic sessions are on Thursdays at 7pm


Hex Ed Class Schedule


16th: How to Pack (and unpack!) Your Bike For Safe Travel

23rd: Painless Puncture Repair

30th: Bar Tape-along 



6th: The Bike Whisperer - what’s that sound mean?

12th: Ask a Mechanic 7 - 8pm

13th: How to Single Speed a Geared Bike

20th: How to Clean Your Chain 

27th: How to Change Your Chain



4th: Taking Care of Rim Brakes at Home

10th: Ask a Mechanic 7 - 8pm 

11th: How to Change a Spoke

18th: Taking Care of Disc Brakes at Home 


Hex Education includes:

- automatic booking into ALL classes

- link sent to you the day before class

- replay sent to you the day after & live for 1 week

- membership to online class library included until 31 December 2020



COVID19 forced us to move our classes online, and we have now amassed enough how-to videos to warrant a secret Vimeo collection - BEHOLD: the LBK online class library! 

MARVEL at the breadth of content! 

GRIMACE at the 2 hour class length! (that subsequently became 1 hour) 

ENQUIRE as to how you can watch! 

online class rec 1.png

online class rec 2.png

online class rec 3.png

Yes friends, we have videos now, and for the low low price of £35/year, you can join the library as an "I Like To Watch” member and have access to your heart’s content. Videos will be added every week (Vimeo limit how many uploads I can make on their entry level plan.)  

Classes include: The Road to Paris Brest Paris, How to Paint a Bike, How Gears Work, How to Index a Rear Mech, How to Clean Your Chain, How to Change Your Chain, Bare Minimum Maintenance, How to Buy a 2nd Hand Bike, Caring for Disc Brakes at Home, The Bike Whisperer (what do all those sounds mean?), and Painless Puncture Repair. (note that not all of these are up yet thanks to Vimeo’s rules). More classes will be added as the weeks (and months) go on. 

Add £3.30 to get a real live plastic membership card. Makes a great gift! (You don't have to get an IRL plastic card, we'll keep track of your bits on our end.) If you order a card, it will take up to 2 weeks to arrive at your doorstep, as they are personalised!

DIY Workshop Memberships - these have been paused for the duration and will restart when we reopen

We see so many bikes come in that need £200-300 pounds of work, and the shock on people's faces is painful to see. Your investment is a great reminder for you to take care of your beloved, and you end up saving loads of dosh when you do regular maintenance. It's a win-win sitch, amirite?

Join online here via Member Mojo. Member Mojo will be looking after your membership, and will send you a reminder when you need to renew (hooray! The machines are taking over!)

Start Your Hex Education TODAY!