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Welcome to Kitty Cafe Nottingham!



Thank you for thinking of joining the Kitty Cafe's Kitty Club Membership. Your Membership means that you can visit the cafe as many times as you like for an hour a day for a whole year without having to pay the welfare charge! That is a lot of kitty cuddles and love!

Your Membership fee goes directly towards to love and care the cats recieve! The Kitty Cafe is currently the largest Cat Cafe in Europe and the only one that rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes our cats! Not only are we very successful with our rehoming but we support our resident cats, some with long term health care needs, throughout their lives! Kitty Cafe supports it's local community and uses it excellent networks to facilitate the rehoming of cats in need outside of the cafe! So not only do you get to spend as much time with the cats as you like but you know your visits and membership is helping cats have a great life!