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Expires 31/03/2023

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Merlin_Mk3_helicopter_in_formation_with_a_Royal_Navy_SeaKing_Mk_4__Picture_POAPhot_Mez_Merrill_16_sep_2014_large.jpgWelcome to the Junglie Association Membership Home Page.

  • Full Membership of the Association will be offered to any person who has ever been ‘appointed’ or ‘drafted’ to one of the following Naval Air (Junglie) Squadrons 707, 845, 846, 847 or 848.
  • Associate membership may be offered on application to anyone who has had a close working relationship with the Naval Air (Junglie) Squadrons. Associate members will enjoy all the benefits of a full member, however associate members will not have any voting rights at any General Meetings.


Membership runs for 12 months from April to March each year. 



Under GDPR members within the EU have the right to request their personal data is removed from this database.