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Welcome to Jesus Fellowship Survivors Association

We are a supportive and democratic association of ex members and individuals who have been affected through their association with the Jesus Fellowship in all its forms. 

We exist: 

  • To bring together and foster mutual support and understanding for ex members of the Jesus Fellowship Church/Jesus Army within a safe cohort and safe environment.
  • To assist and give information to people reporting crimes and going through the legal criminal process.
  • To provide access - and advice on access - to professional support and resources with members.
  • To seek redress and cause restorative action from, and by the Jesus Fellowship to those affected by their current or historical association with the Jesus Fellowship Church/Jesus Army.
  • To seek - or aid the seeking of - financial and legal recompense from the Jesus Fellowship Church as appropriate on a group or individual basis.
  • To provide group meetings and activities to further the aims of the Jesus Fellowship Survivors.
  • To raise funds by donation as necessary to support the above aims.

While donations are vital to the work we are doing the association is by design a free to join orgsnisation.   Accessing the resources in support of each other is our primary aim.   Although donations are entirely optional we welcome any contribution you feel you can and want to make. 

For easy ways to make a donation please visit


Or follow the links provided on the home page here or in your Membership welcome letter email.   Your privacy is paramount and will be respected.