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Welcome to International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits

Please choose from our membership categories. All members are eligible for discounted registration rates at IAGOD sponsored conferences. Memberships are valid until the end of the calendar year. 

  • Regular members receive the Elements magazine and our electronic newsletter.
  • Students are eligible for free membership for up to three years until (and including) the calendar year of their completion. Student members receive our electronic newsletter but not the Elements magazine. Proof of active student status is required. 
  • National groups will receive one subscription to Elements (by mail to the IAGOD nominated contact) and are eligible for up to five discounted registrations at IAGOD sponsored conferences.
  • A reduced rate is available for national groups from countries on the UN list of least developed countries (https://unctad.org/topic/least-developed-countries/list).

As an IAGOD member, you are also eligible for discounted online access to Ore Geology Reviews. You can add this journal subscription at the checkout.