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Hull Independent Cinema membership

The Hull Independent Cinema membership scheme is really simple. You pay £15 and in return get a membership card and some goodies to welcome you on board. Your card then entitles you to £1 off the standard ticket price for all film screenings that are part of the regular HIC programme, as well as to certain other events and screenings as advertised from time to time.

Membership lasts for one year, and it can easily pay for itself within a few months. We usually process memberships once a week or so, but you don’t need to wait for your card to arrive; buy membership today and you can start buying discount tickets immediately. If your new (or renewed) card has not arrived by the time you want to attend a screening, just show your order confirmation email as proof of membership.

Note that you can now pay for membership simply using your credit or debit card details rather than via PayPal. The payments are processed by Stripe, a secure payment system, and we never see or store your card details. Paying this way costs us less in transaction fees so more of your membership fee goes to supporting the work we do. You can of course still use PayPal if you prefer.

Membership terms and conditions

  • Membership cards are non-transferable, non-refundable and must only be used by the person named on the card.
  • Membership cards must be presented along with your ticket on the door (or when purchasing a ticket from the sales desk) when you come to a film. If you do not have your membership card with you we will endeavour to check your membership status but reserve the right to charge the standard non-member rate for your ticket.
  • Only one discount ticket may be purchased for each film per membership. Members who purchase tickets on behalf of non-members may only claim the member discount on their own ticket. You may of course claim the discount on any tickets you purchase on behalf of other members, but those members must also show their membership card on the door when attending the film.
  • HIC membership cards are only valid for discount at regular HIC screenings or where specifically advertised at other events. HIC membership discount cannot be claimed in addition to any concession prices unless specifically stated.
  • Becoming part of the HIC membership scheme does not automatically confer full legal membership of the registered charity Hull Independent Cinema Project. Full legal membership is available to those members who attend our Annual General Meeting, details of which will be provided to you in advance.