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Welcome to Highland Third Sector Interface

Thank you for registering as a member of Highland Third Sector Interface.

Whether you wish to join HTSI as a Full Member or Associate Member (associate membership is for public or private bodies that work in collaboration with the third sector) this is the area to register.

To learn more about membership to HTSI and member benefits visit our website here.

Membership to HTSI

The HTSI values our members as a vital part of the governance and accountability of our organisation.  As a member you will receive discounts to HTSI events, regular newsletters and opportunities to engage with the development of the Third Sector Interface in Highlands.  Best of all, our membership is free for eligible groups and individuals - so that no matter what your financial resource, you can enjoy HTSI Membership!  

The TSI in Highland ensures local service delivery through our Partner Organisations with whom third sector groups can enjoy membership and enhanced member services separately from membership to HTSI. 

Criteria for membership:

  • An organisation whether unincorporated or incorporated can apply for membership if they are identifiable as a third sector organisation. (For clarification, any organisation which is admitted as a member will be asked to nominate an individual to act on their behalf and where appropriate, to vote on behalf of the organisation at HTSI General Meetings.) 

  • If you are an individual you need to be aged 16 or over and can clearly identify a strong link to the third sector, ideally you should also be clear why you aren't able to join as an organisation.

  • Any employee of HTSI or any person seconded to HTSI may not be nominated by an organisation to represent it.

  • Employees, Board members or nominees of Partner members will not be eligible for membership; a person who becomes an employee, Board Member or nominee of a partner shall automatically cease to be a member in their own right.

What is the Third Sector?
The Third Sector is made up of community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, social enterprises, co-operatives and individual volunteers (wherever they volunteer). An organisation is regarded as being in the third sector if it:

  • has a positive community purpose

  • is run by an unpaid (or mostly unpaid) committee

  • is not principally set up to distribute profit to shareholders

  • is not run by or affiliated to a political party or a government body