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Associate 2

Regimental 1

Company (Veteran) 2

Associates pay £35 joining fee, added to pro rata amount.

1 New member rate, renewal £60

2 New member rate, renewal £96

Expires 31/07/2025

Membership requires approval

Welcome to the HAC Saddle Club Membership Portal

The riding club of the Honourable Artillery Company (HAC) is one of the largest and most active of our sports clubs. The club brings together like-minded enthusiasts in all things equine and social.

Members of the Saddle Club enjoy days out hunting on Salisbury Plain and the Chilterns, ride HAC Light Cavalry horses, play polo, go hacking in Windsor Great Park and elsewhere, love dressage and jumping, venture abroad occasionally for overseas rides and do so much more.

The Club is open to new members, you do not need to be a member of the HAC or military to join. If you are not a current serving member of the regiment OR member of the Company then you can join as an Associate member (non-HAC military or civilian) as long as you are proposed by a member of either the Saddle Club or HAC Company.

For more information about the club view our brochure.

To Join/Renew click the button on the right and complete the process.

Our club subscription year starts on 1st August each year. The Membership rates shown are pro rata until 31st July. Any queries please contact the Membership Secretary. 

Please be aware that as members you use your current email to sign in. Please advise the membership secretary (as below) of any change.