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Catherine Wands


Standard (join term 2)**

Under 30**


Expires 31/08/2020

Membership requires approval

Members' information

We use membermojo to help us manage our member database.  Your member record contains:

  • your contact details, to enable us to keep in touch with you regularly about choir matters; 
  • your attendance record at rehearsals and concerts;
  • your membership payments history; and
  • any other information about you, which you feel it may be helpful for us to know. 

We will never pass on any of these details on to third parties.  Our Privacy Notice provides further information about how we process and protect your data.

You can sign in by entering your email address, then clicking on a link within the received email, so there is no need to invent and remember another password.  However, you can choose to set one if you prefer, in order to be able to sign in more quickly and easily without having to wait for the email each time.  The choice is yours!

Once signed in, you will be able to amend your own membership details, e.g. home address and contact numbers, and view the *Directory of our current members.

You can also renew your membership online, anytime from two months before payment deadline which is 30th September each year.

If you have any problems, please contact our IT Manager, Natalie Thurley at it@guildfordchoral.org

Thank you.

*Note that the Directory only displays names, voice parts and a photo if the member has chosen to upload one. No other details are accessible to anyone other than the administrators of the system, all of whom are Committee Members.

**Membership fees shown include a £10 discount for early payment within four weeks of membership being confirmed. After that the full fee will become payable.