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Glenrothes Art Club

Why join our Art Club?

We are open to anyone with energy, excitement, ideas to learn and share, grow and inspire. Our Club is a friendly, welcoming space whether you just want to pop in and work away on your own, join in tutored or self-tutored groups, research in our extensive library, or just pop in to say Hi and see what's going on.

Fortunate to have such a light, airy space to create in, we welcome beginners and skilled artists alike. 


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All memberships run for the full 6 or 12 months from date of joining. The minimum age to be a member is 18 years old.

Existing Members

If this is your first visit to this page then you can login with the email address you used to join originally. You shouldn't need a password on your first visit. This will allow you to sign in to your membership page and you can set a password there.

Once you log in - check your details carefully and correct any errors that may have crept in during migration from our old membership system. Having your email correct is essential too as this is how you log in! If you like, you can even upload a photo of yourself.

New Members

If you want to apply to join Glenrothes Art Club, please click the big orange button!