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Welcome to Geek.Zone

Geek.Zone is the place to meet nerds, geeks and likeminded peeps! We are proud to be called geeks, as we believe that being knowledgeable, passionate and curious is great.

We run lots of events where you can meet wonderful and inspirational people. Membership is only £1 per year so join now!

By joining, you are confirming that you have read and agree to abide by the Geek.Zone Constitution. Geek.Zone is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with Registered Charity Number 1182126.

About Geek.Zone

What is Geek.Zone?

Geek.Zone is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation that helps geeky people connect with geeky people! No matter what your hobby or interest is, you are sure to find a likeminded community at Geek.Zone.

Primary Objective

Geek.Zone provides a safe space where knowledge, passions and curiosity are freely expressed and encouraged. We promote mental well-being and, through community support, help each other to overcome anxiety and depression. We do this by running events, where individuals can enjoy exciting, new experiences and make great, new friends in a relaxed and welcoming environment.


We are here to fight for the right to be geek.

While there is clearly still a lot of inequality in society, former bastions such as sexism, homophobia and racism are thankfully starting to wane. Unfortunately, however, there is arguably still a stigma against geekery. We are here to let every geek know that they are not alone, and to encourage everyone to embrace their geek side. We believe that we are better together, so get involved and spread the geek love!

Don't think you are a geek? Come along to an event and discover your inner geek! Remember, "geek" is a compliment!

What We Do

As a Geek.Zone community, together we;

  • Support each other through anxiety and mental wellbeing difficulties
  • Run events to promote social inclusion
  • Fight to change the negative perception of "geek"
  • Offer a safe space, free from harassment
  • Create links with local organisations to provide community support


How We Do It

We currently have three Districts;

Each runs their own events, however, all run a Pint Night, which is an easygoing evening in a local pub. This is often a great introduction to the IRL community! Take a look at the calendar to find out which events work well for you.

Our Website

The Geek.Zone website usually has a lot more available than we do at the moment! This includes forums, calendars as well as our wiki. The Dev group are currently rebuilding the website in preparation for Geek.Zone/01 which will be our first physical space.