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Welcome to GCEC - The Golf Club of the European Communities in Luxembourg

Would you like to discover golf, or if you are already member in one of the Clubs of the “Grande Region”, would you like to discover other courses and meet other players? 

Then maybe the Golf Club of the European Communities (GCEC) can fulfill your expectations!

If you want to play golf and you work (or has worked) as an Official for one of the Institutions located in Luxemburg, then, you (and your family),without the obligation of being member of any public or private club, can join the GCEC and participate in the events we will organize.

However, it is a condition you have a valid membership card issued by a National Golf Federation (DGV, FGBR, FFG, FLG, etc.), and you have obtained a green card.  

Our Program offers around 25 events per season in - or close to - Luxemburg (Germany, Belgium, France). Further, 2 or 3 times per season we organize golf-weekends +/- 250 km. from Luxembourg.

Usualy, we start the golf season in March/April, and the closing tournament is foreseen end of October. 

Between those two dates, please, have a look on our program below, which shows tournaments on a lot of nice courses, which probably give you many nice strokes and good scores - but for sure, as much fun as possible, because :

                                                                       WE ALWAYS PLAY FAIR AND FOR FUN !

By the way, there is no age limit to join our club.

<===>      IMPORTANT: upper right corner table ==> membership fees are stated in €, so read "€" instead of "£"   <===>

For more information please contact us by phone or mail. We will be happy to answer any question that you may have.

Fabrice Lebrun (OPOCE, Phone 2929 - 42024) President (FR / EN / DE): fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu

Marie Petit-Mc Geough  Secretary (EN/ FR/ DE)  marie.petitmcg@gmail.com

and your Committee 2019 : Committee members 2019.docx


► Tutorial for registering online : MEMBERMOJO - EN.pdf

                                                          MEMBERMOJO - FR.pdf

► General Information:                  GCCE FR.pdf

                                                          GCCE EN.pdf

                                                          GCCE DE.pdf


The GCCE challenge running over the all year :

Where others are having "The Race to Dubaï" or "The Road to Oman", we have "The Path to Belenhaff" !

The PATH 2019: rules : In order to be able to designate the two winners (Ladies & Men) of the Path to Belenhaff for the year, every participant at each of our competition will be rewarded with three types of points:

• so called "participation" points : 2 points each time you're at the start and finish one round

• so called "performance" points : (10, 8, 6, 5,4,3,2,1) depending on your ranking position from the 1st to the 10th position,

• so called "contest" points : 3 points each time you win a special contest (near the pin, leary, longuest, ....).

All the data are collected, computed in a way that the total number of points collected by each participant will be divided by a factor 10 , as long as the number of participations are < or = 10, and by the number of participations afterwards.

The two "Winners of the Path to Belenhaff" :  the lady and the man who has the highest ratio in their category after the last competition.


2020 HoPath To Belenhaff.JPG


banière 2020.JPG


Our General Meeting for the season 2019 will be held in Room Schuman at "Le Foyer Européen", 10, rue Heinrich Heine in Luxemburg from 18:30 Tuesday 21 January 2020.

Here is the agenda : GCCE -Invitation et Ordre du jour AGM 2020.pdf  


DEAR MEMBERS (and confined golfers) .....

2020 started in an unusual way, and we hope that none of our members have been affected by this virus and this pandemic which since the beginning of the year has affected and paralyzed in one or another way the whole world.

COVID-19 has taken the lives of many people around the world, the whole world has been almost stopped for many weeks, all sectors and fields are affected, and golf is not spared of course.

Beside all these social, economic pains and problems and all these constraints that everyone undergoes, our little worries linked to the organization of our leisure activities seem very minimal and obsolete.

Nevertheless, we strive to keep a positive vision towards an exit from this tunnel, and continue to work so that as soon as it is possible, as soon as our courses are again accessible, we can resume our activities in the best sanitary conditions, with the concern to preserve our health for all and to limit the risks of infection as much as possible.

Pending this resumption, of course the activities of April have all been canceled, (Easter bunny and the scramble at Christnach), the weekend scheduled for May 1/2 in Sankt Wendel has been rescheduled to October 10/11 - best evidence of our optimism), and our efforts are now focused on the meeting with our colleagues from Brussels scheduled for May 9, and there again, we are trying to find a withdrawal date, which is not obvious.

We will do our best to offer you for this very 'special' 2020's season everything that can be and in the best possible conditions and compliance with health provisions in force.


Take care of you, stay healthy, and don't lose hope in good golfing days for 2020 ...

Your Committee




Here is the revised verion and the situation of our 2020 Program as of 17 of june 2020

Program 2020 : GCCE calendrier-2020_au 17_06.pdf


13 th Competition 2020 - WE at Bitche

Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 of September 2020,

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Friday 11 September eob

Registration form: 2020 GCCE Bitche.docx; 2020 GCCE Bitche.pdf

2019 Bitche.JPG

Starting Time : to come

Results and photos : to come

12 th Competition 2020 - Hillesheim

Saturday, 19th of september 2020,

Gunter is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : 14th of September

Registration form:

11 th Competition 2020 - Van Kuijk's Cup at Kikuoka


Davidis inviting all members  --- deadline for registration :

Registration form:

Friday 29 and Sunday 30 of August 2020,

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Wednesday 29 July eob

Registration form: 2020 GCCE Invit. Golf National.docx, 2020 GCCE Invit. Golf National.pdf

Golf National.jpg

Starting list: Golf National 29 08 départs.pdf

Results : 

Pictures and Comments :


9 th Competition 2020 - Grand Ducal 18 Holes

Friday 21 of August 2020, from 12:30

Lesley is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Friday 14 August


8 th Competition 2020 - WE Troyes

Friday 14 to Sunday 16 of August 2020, 

David and Gert are inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Thursday 16 July

7 th Competition 2020 - Internation Clervaux

Sunday 09 of August 2020, from 11:00

Marie is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Sunday 3 August

6 th Competition 2020 - 3 Clubs & a Putter

Friday 31 of July 2020, from 13:00

Lesley is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Friday 24 July

5th Competition 2020 - Bitburg

Saturday 18 of July 2020, from 11:00 am

Gunter is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Monday 13 July : Bitburg 2020 

2017 Bittburg.jpg

Unfortunately this event had to be cancelled due to the Corona related situation.


4th Competition 2020 - LONGWY

Saturday 11 of July 2020, from 10:00 am

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Tuesday 7 July at noon : 2020 GCCE Invit. Longwy.docx; 2020 GCCE Invit. Longwy.pdf 

2020 longwy.jpg

Starting list:: 2020 Inscriptions Longwy.pdf

Results : 

Pictures and Comments :

3rd Competition 2020 - CLERVAUX

Sunday 5 of July 2020, from 10:30 am

Lesley is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Sunday 28 June : 2020 Clervaux.doc

2020 clervaux.jpg

Starting list:

Results : 

Pictures and Comments :

2nd Competition 2020 - CHERISEY 

Saturday 27 of June 2020, from 10:30 am

Alice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Monday 22 of June 2020 eobd : 2020 GCCE Invit. Cherisey.docx; 2020 GCCE Invit. Cherisey.pdf


Starting list:

Results : 

Pictures and Comments :


Opening Competition 2020 - WE in Alsace, at KEMPFERHOF (Plobsheim)

Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of June 2020,

Fabrice  is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Sunday 14 of June 2020 at noon

Registrations to be sent to Fabrice (fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu) : 2020 GCCE Alsace 20-21 juin 2020.docx; 2020 GCCE Alsace 20-21 juin 2020.pdf; 2020 KMPF-VisitezEnTouteSecurité.pdf


2018 Kempferhof.JPG

2020 Kempferhof.jpg


Starting list Saturday 2020 Alsace starting list saturday.pdf

Results : 2020 Alsace results.pdf

Pictures and Comments :


Program 2020 : 2020 GCCE calendrier-DRAFT.pdf




Capture Saison 2019.JPG


Our General Meeting for the season 2018 was held in Room Schuman at "Le Foyer Européen", 10, rue Heinrich Heine in Luxemburg from 18:30 Wednesday 23 January 2019.

Here is the présentation : AG 23janvier 2019.pptx


Extra :

1: Some of our members have asked us to advertise a charity event which is being held in Preisch on Sunday, 16 June. Details and contacts hereafter.

This competition is organized by the ‘Lions Club Luxembourg Fort Vauban’  -  the GCEC are not involved and are simply forwarding the information to our members.

info : Golf Safe the date.pdf


2: 26th edition of the Geel Open Tournament at the Kempense Golf Club in Mol - Belgium, on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July 2019.

Please find hereafter the mail informing about this annual event open to golfers and retirees from the Joint Research Center and to members from golf clubs of the different European organisations.

If you're interessed in participating, please provide the organisation with all the requested data and send also a copy to David Young and Fabrice Lebrun for the GCCE Luxemburg.

info : INVITATION_ 26th Geel Open Golf Tournament _ 5 and 6 July 2019.pdf



Program 2019 : NEW 11/03/2019 : 2019 calendrier-v6.pdf

2019 calendrier-v6.jpg

Race to Belenhaff 2019:   A) 2019-09-28 PTB - Ladies.pdf B) 2019-09-28 PTB - Men.pdf







MARIE  invites all members of ECGC to play in our closing tournament at

Belenhaff Sunday 20 October

Deadline for entries is MONDAY 14 OCTOBER AT 18:00

2019-10-20 Belenhaff Glühwein.png

Registration form: 2019-10-20 Gluhwein Invitation.pdf

Menu: 2019-10-20 Menu closing dinner.pdf

Starting list: 2019 ECGC BELENHAFF -GLÜHWEIN - Liste de départ 27.10.2019.PDF


Pictures and Comments :

------------------------------------ o -------------------------------------


22st Event in 2019 - Invitation to play in Hillesheim

Gunter invites you to Hillesheim on 28 September

Registration to Gunter (gunter.schaefer@gmx.eu) latest by Sunday 22 September.

Registration forms: 2019 Hillesheim.docx2019 Hillesheim.pdf



Starting list: Starting List

Results:2019 results Hillesheim .pdf

Pictures and Comments : For info!!!!! Including all participants .... the avarage achieved Stableford points were  21  and the avarage number of "crossed holes" were  5 ...... Your "humble captain" was slightly  below 21 stblf.points and slightly above 5 "crossed" holes for the day!

21st Event in 2019 - Invitation to our WE at Bitche

Fabrice invites you to Bitche on 21 to 22 August

Registration to David (fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu) latest by Wednesday 11 September.

Registration forms: 2019 GCCE Bitche 21-22 Septembre 2019.docx; 2019 GCCE Bitche 21-22 Septembre 2019.pdf

2019 Bitche.JPG

Starting list: Starting list Saturday.pdf; Starting list Sunday.pdf

Results:2019 Bitche individual results saturday.pdf; 2019 Bitche individual & team results sunday.pdf; 2019 Bitche individual results over two days.pdf

Pictures and Comments : A very nice Week-end, as always nice course, sunny weather over the two days, and a nice bunch of peoples, and on the top of that, some good performances with cards over the 36 target  !

20th Event in 2019 - We will be back to Preisch and meet our ISPA friends for the traditional Eemond Van KUIJK Cup

Saturday 14th of September,

David is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Monday September 9 end of business day

Registrations to be sent to David (dyoung@pt.lu) : to come

2019 ispacup.JPG

Starting 2019 ECGC vs NAMSA-teeoff.pdf

Results  2019 ECGC-Namsa Results 1.pdf / 2019 ECGC VS NAMSA.results 2.pdf / 2019 ECGC VS NAMSA-PTB results .pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

19th event in 2019 - Invitation to our 27 holes competition at Preisch

Canceled on that date - We are looking forward to postpone it.

18th Event in 2019 -  Invitation to our WE at Golf de la Forêt d'Orient - TROYES

David and Gert invites you to Troyes on 16 to 18 August

Registration to David (dyoung@pt.lu) latest by Thursday 18 July.

Registration forms: 2019 Troyes invitation.doc; 2019 Troyes invitation.pdf

Troyes 2016.jpg

Starting list:   A: 2019 TROYES-INFO.pdf .  B: 2019 Troyes tables - Participants.pdf C: 2019 Troyes tables - Saturday.pdf D: 2019 Troyes tables - Sunday.pdf

Results:    a) 2019 Troyes Result-Saturday.pdf b) 2019 Troyes-Results-Sunday.pdf c) 2019 Troyes Result-Weekend.pdf

Pictures and Comments :  2019 Troyes .jpg

2019 Troyes Sunday Prize-geving.jpg

2019 Troyes Sunday team 1st-men.jpg



17th Event in 2019 -  Invitation to play  Trier GC

Gunter invites you to Trier on Saturday, 10 August

Registration to Gunter (gunter.schaefer@gmx.eu) latest by Sunday 4 August 2019 .

Registration forms: 2019 Trier.docx2019 Trier.pdf

2019 Trier.jpg

Starting list:  

Results:2019 - TRIER-Result .pdf

Pictures and Comments :  

16th Event in 2019 -  Invitation to play  Belenhaff with only 3 Clubs and a putter

Lesley invites you to Belenhaff on Friday, 2 August

Registration to Lesley (stevenson@pt.lu ) latest by to come .

Registration forms: 2019 Belenhaff3clubs.doc  ; 2019 Belenhaff3clubs.pdf

2019 Belenhaff 3 clubs.JPG

Starting list:  2019 - 3 clubs Belenhaff - Results:Cat.pdf

Results:2019 - 3 clubs Belenhaff - Results:Cat.pdf ; 2019 - 3 clubs Belenhaff-results:RTB.pdf

Pictures and Comments :  

15th Event in 2019 -  Invitation to play Grand Ducal 18 holes

Lesley/Edward invites you to Grand Ducal on Friday, 26 July

Registration to Lesley (stevenson@pt.lu ) latest by to come .

Registration forms: Grand-Ducal 26.07.19.docx; Grand-Ducal 26.07.19.pdf

2019 Grand Ducal.JPG

Starting list:  


Pictures and Comments :  

14th Event in 2019 -  Invitation for Belenhaff + BBQ

Lesley invites you to Belenhaff on Friday, 19 July

Registration to Lesley (stevenson@pt.lu ) latest by Friday 12 July.

Registration forms: 2019 Belenhaff BBQ 19 July.doc; 2019 Belenhaff BBQ 19 July.pdf


Starting list:  2019 Belenhaff 19 July BBQ-teetimes.pdf

Results:    2019 Belenhaff 19 July-Results.pdf

Pictures and Comments :  

13th Event in 2019 -  Internations at Clervaux

Marie invites you to Clervaux on Sunday, 14 July

Registration to Marie (marie.petitmcg@gmail.com) latest by Monday 8 July.

Registration forms: 2019 invitation InterNations.docx; 2019 invitation InterNations.pdf

2018 Internation


Starting list:  2019 départs Internations.pdf

Results:2019... Clervaux 14 July ... internations results .pdf

Pictures and Comments :  

12th Event in 2019 -  Cherisey

Alice invites you to Cherisey on Saturday, 3 June

Registration to Alice (alice.dewilde@europarl.europa.eu) latest by 1st July at noon .

Registration forms:  2019 GCCE Invit. Cherisey.docx; 2019 GCCE Invit. Cherisey.pdf

2019 cherisey.JPG

Starting list:  

Results: results Chérisey 6 July-1.pdf

Pictures and Comments :  


11th Event in 2019 -  Clervaux

Lesley invites you to Clervaux on Sunday, 30June

Registration to Lesley (stevenson@pt.lu ) by 23 June

 Rgistration forms :  2019 Clervaux 30.06.19.doc; 2019 Clervaux 30.06.19.pdf

2019 Clervaux.JPG

Starting list:  2019 départs Clervaux 30 Juin.pdf

Results:2019 06 Clervaux résultats.pdf

Pictures and Comments :  

Despite temperatures in the mid 30s, twenty four members braved the elements and enjoyed a well organized tournament  - thank you Lesley.

Highlight of the day was a HOLE-IN-ONE for Kathi Richardt on the 145 meter 4th Hole.

Congratulations Kathi !


10th Event in 2019 - Our WE in Alsace, at KEMPFERHOF (Plobsheim)

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 of June 2019,

Fabrice  is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : 3rd of June 2019 at noon

Registrations to be sent to Fabrice (fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu) : 2019 GCCE Alsace 15-16 juin 2019.docx ; 2019 GCCE Alsace 15-16 juin 2019.pdf


2018 Kempferhof.JPG


Results : 2019 Alsace résults.pdf

Pictures and Comments : A nouveau, un WE très agréable, un parcours magnifique, dans un superbe état, et un accueil et des prestations comme l'Alsace est capable d'offrir à ses visiteurs ... top ! Comme à l'habitude pour un WE, un mélange de compétition individuelle et par couple avec à l'issue du WE, un podium féminin composé dans l'ordre d'Annette Mai, de Catherine Lucius et Kathy Richard, la première place se jouant au meilleur retour, et en ce qui concerne les messieurs, la première place revient à Guy Lucius, suivi de Fabrice Lebrun et Gert Nielsen. Le couple le plus complémentaire et performant sur cette journée de Dimanche fut Catherine et Guy Lucius, avec 44 points ! L'Alsace et le Kempferhof ont su encore une fois se montrer à la hauteur de leurs réputations.

9th Event in 2019 -  Grand-Ducal 9 holes

Lesley & Ed invite you to Grand Ducal on Monday evening, 3 June

Registration to Lesley (stevenson@pt.lu ) by 27 May

Sweepstake Grand-Ducal 03.06.19docx.docx

2018 Grand Ducal.JPG


Starting list:  2019- Tee-times Sweepstake Grand-Ducal.pdf

Results:  2019 Results - Sweepstake Grand-Ducal.pdf

8th Event in 2019 -  Bitburg

Saturday, 1st June 2019 from 10:30

Gunter is inviting all members 

Registrations to be sent to gunter.schaefer@gmx.eu, until Monday 27 May 2019 at noon: Invitation Bitburg 2019.docxInvitation Bitburg 2019.pdf

2017 Bittburg.jpg

Starting List: Bitburg 2019.pdf

Results : Bitburg 2019 - Results Hcp.pdf

7th Event in 2019 -  at Longwy

Saturday 25 May 2019 from 12:30

Fabrice is inviting all members   

Registrations to be sent to fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu , until Thursday 16 May 2019 at noon: 2019 GCCE Invit. Longwy.docx ; 2019 GCCE Invit. Longwy.pdf

longwy 2.JPG


Starting List: 2019 starting list Longwy.pdf

Results : 2019 results Longwy.pdf; 2019 results PTB Longwy.pdf

Pictures and Comments : A course in very good conditions, very fast greens, this leaded to some very good results espacially for our ladies ! Well done Ann (39), Lesley (37), Natassa (36), and our single man scoring over 36, Jean-Pierre (37) !

6th Event in 2019 -  at KIKUOKA

Saturday 18 May 2019 from 12:30

Jean-Pascal is inviting all members   

Registrations to be sent to jp.lange@gmail.com until Tueday 14 May 2019 at 17:00 (5 pm) : 2019 invitation Kikuoka.docx

2019 Kikuoka.JPG


Starting List:GCCE Kikuoka 190518.xlsx

Results : 2019 results Kikuoka.pdf

Pictures and Comments : A very nice field composed with, the ongoing record of 42 participants, with, for some of them, at the end impressive results ....Congratulations to Rui and Christiane for their 40 and 39 Stabelford scores ! Well done !


5th Event in 2019 -  at RGC des Fagnes (Spa) for  the traditional "Bruxelles vs Luxembourg" competition

Thursday 9 May 2019 from 11:00

Fabrice is inviting all members   

This year we will go back to Spa  and meet with our colleagues from Brussel.

We hope to repeat our performance of 2016, our last victory, and for sure, we'll all do our best to reach this objectiv.

The 10 best stableford scores will count for the "team result".

Registrations to be sent to fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu until Thursday 2 May 2019 at noon :

2019 GCCE Invitation Lux-Brux - RGC des Fagnes - Spa.docx; 2019 GCCE Invitation Lux-Brux - RGC des Fagnes - Spa.pdf


2019 Spa.JPG

Starting List: 2019 départs spa.pdf

Results :2019 Spa results global .pdf; 2019 Spa results Lux.pdf

Pictures and Comments : We went back to Spa for this year and had to "suffer" a poor course quality with carotted greens but only few drops of rain, but all this affected as well Luxemburg and Brussel's players, so no excuse for a new victory of our colleagues from Brussels (the score 305 to 290), and in the middle of all these negatives issues, the performance of Ulrike (38 points) has to be notice !!!!!!

4th event - Stableford Competition - Preisch, Friday 3 May

David invites all members to Preisch- deadline for registration Monday 29 April noon

Registration form -  GCCE Invit. Preisch 2019.doc; 2019 GCCE Invit. Preisch.pdf


photo Preisch.jpg

Starting list -  Starting times Preisch 2019.xls

Results -  2019 Preisch- NET- ladies.pdf ; 2019 Preisch- NET- men.pdf ; 2019 Preisch- Special skills.pdf ; 2019 Preisch-result brut m:l.pdf

3rd Event Easter Bunny - Belenhaff, Friday 19 April

Gert invites all members to Belenhaff for the Easter Bunny Stableford Competition - deadline for registration 12 April

 Registration form - GCCE Invit. Easter Bunny 2019.docx;


Starting List - 2019 ECGC Easter Tournament - Liste des départs.pdf

RESULTS  -  2019 ECGC-EASTER BUNNY results ladies.pdf : 2019 ECGC-EASTER BUNNY results men.pdf : 2019 ECGC-EASTER BUNNY special skills!.pdf


⇒ 2nd Event in 2019 - WE in Germany - Sankt Wendel on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April 2019

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Thursday 28 March noon

registration forms : 2019 Sankt Wendel 13-14 avril 2019.docx  ; 2019 Sankt Wendel 13-14 avril 2019.pdf

2018 Sankt Wendel.JPG

Starting : 2019 start Sankt Wendel saturday.pdf; 2019 start Sankt Wendel sunday.pdf

Results  : 2019 Results Sankt Wendel.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Despite winter temperatures and even snow falls, many laughs and as usual, a course that did better than defend itself.  

⇒ 1st Event in 2019 - OPENING Competition - CHRISTNACH on Saturday 6 April 2019 from 10:30 - Texas Scramble

Alice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Friday 29 March noon

registration forms : 2019 GCCE Invit Christnach.doc ; 2019 GCCE Invit Christnach.pdf

2019 Christnach.JPG

Starting : to comeDEFStartlist Christnach.2019.docx

Results  : to comeResults Christnach 2019.docx

Pictures and Comments : to come


BURNING TOPIC : Actions launched by National Federations, Partners or some of the Club we are in contact with or visiting during the season (information provided to your attention by GCCE without any connection whatsoever with the organization of the event) :

Club Bruxelles.jpg  Link to the EU Golfclub Brussels : http://eu-golfclub.eu/index.html


Discovering golf in many of the french clubs : http://www.ffgolf.org/index.php/Debuter/PASS-GO-for-GOLF

       The Rules corner .....:

Rules provided by the R&A : http://www.randa.org/

and for beginner : http://www.randa.org/RulesEquipment/Rules/QuickGuide/Start (look at the videos)

Quick guide : Quick guide to the rules.pdf

Respectez l'étiquette : Etiquette au Golf.pdf

Banière 2018.JPG



Our General Meeting for the season 2017 was held in Room Schuman at "Le Foyer Européen", 10, rue Heinrich Heine in Luxemburg from 18:30 Wednesday 31January 2018.

Here is the présentation : AG 31janvier 2018.pdf               


Program 2018: NEW : GCCE 2018 - calendrier 4.pdf 


PATH TO BELENHAFF 2018  (Glühwein result and 2018 FINAL RESULTS)   2018 Glühwein results.pdf ___ 2018 PATH TO BELENHAFF v. Final_Ladies.pdf  and  2018 PATH TO BELENHAFF v. Final_Men.pdf

LIST OF OUR LAUNCHED EVENTS FOR 2018 in reverse calendar order:

25th - AND LAST -  Event in 2018 - Glühwein Junglinster 

Sunday 21st of October,

Marie & Gert are inviting all members  --- deadline for registration :Glühwein Invitation 2018.doc

Registrations to be sent to  () : Marie.petitmcg@gmail.com

2016 Glühwein.JPG

Starting to21.10.18 EC GC GLÜHWEIN - Startliste-2.PDF.

Results  Results Glühwein 2018.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

24rd Event in 2018 - Golf Club Cherisey 

Saterday 6th of October,

Alice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : 1st october at noon

Registrations to be sent to  Alice (alice.dewilde@europarl.europa.eu) : 2018 GCCE Invit. Cherisey.docx; 2018 GCCE Invit. Cherisey.p

StartingListe de départs GCCE_Chérisey2018.docx

Results  to comGCCE_Chèris2018_results.pdfe

Pictures and Comments : to come

23rd Event in 2018 - Golf Club Preisch - 3 x 9holes, 3 formules and 3 partners - 

Saterday 29nd of September,

Fabriceis inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : to come

Registrations to be sent to Fabrice (fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu) : 2018 GCCE Preisch 27.docx; 2018 GCCE Preisch 27.pdf

2018 Preisch 27.JPG

Starting 2018 Preisch 27.pdf

Results  2018 Results Preisch 27 trous.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come


22nd Event in 2018 - Golf International de Longwy (in replacement of Saarbrücken on the agenda) 

Saterday 15th of September,

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Tuesday 11th September noon

Registrations to be sent to Fabrice (fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu) : 2018 GCCE Invit. Longwy.docx; 2018 GCCE Invit. Longwy.pdf

2018 Longwy.JPG

Starting: 2018 starting list Longwy.pdf

Results  2018 Longwy - Results.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come


21tst Event in 2018 - We will be back to Clervaux and meet our ISPA friends for the traditional Eemond Van KUIJK Cup

Friday 7th of September,

David is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Friday 30th of August at noon

Registrations to be sent to David (dyoung@pt.lu) : 2018 GCCE Invitation Eemondt's Cup.doc; 2018 GCCE Invitation Eemondt's Cup.pdf

2018 clervaux.JPG

Starting to come

Results  2018 NSPA-ECGC .pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

Our 20th EVENT - Golfclub Trier 25 August 2018

Deadline for registrations: 21nd August

Gunter is inviting all members - tee times from 10:00

Registration forms : 2018 Trier.docx2018 Trier.pdf2018 Trier - Starting List.pdf

Trier Image.jpeg

Results : 2018 Trier - Results.pdf


Our 19th EVENT Weekend in Troyes

Deadline Thursday, 19 July.

Our traditional WE in Troyes from Friday, 17 to Sunday 19 August at Best Western Forêt d'Orient

David & Gert are inviting all members - see description hereafter

Registration forms :  2018 Troyes.doc

Useful Information: 2018 TROYES info #4.pdf2018 Troyes single.pdf2018 Troyes team.pdf

2017 Golf de la foret d

Results : 2018 Troyes team.pdf  - 2018 TROYES - Single tournament.pdf - 2018 TROYES - Path to Belenhaff.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come



18th event - BITBURG  -  11 August

Gunter invites members to Bitburg for a Stableford competition on 11 August

Deadline for registrations:  7 August

Invitation Bitburg 2018.pdf

Starting list:  Starting List Bitburg 11.08.2018.pdf

2017 Bittburg.jpg

Results:  2018 Bitburg - Results.docx

Photos : 2018 Bitburg.pdf

17th event - 3 clubs and a putter competition

Lesley invites members to Belenhaff on Friday 3 August (NOT 4 Aug as per below) to play an 18 Hole Stableford competition using only 3 clubs +and a putter


Starting list:  3 clubs Belenhaff starting list.xlsx

2017 Belenhaff 3+1.jpg

Results:   Results 3 clubs 03.08.pdf

16th event - GRAND DUCAL

On Friday 27 July Ed is inviting members to play an 18 Hole Stableford Competition at Grand Ducal

Grand-Ducal 27.07.18.docx

Starting list:   GCGD departs 270718.xlsx

2017 Grand ducal 9.JPG


Results:   GCGD 2018-07-27 results Sheet1.pdf

15th event - Belenhaff Stableford and BBQ

Roger is inviting members to Belenhaff on Friday 20 July for our summer Stableford and BBQ competition


Starting list:  Tournoi-CE-20.07.2018.xlsx


Results:  2018 Belenhaff-BQ Results.jpe

14th event - Weiherhof

Roger invites members to Weiherhof on Saturday 14 July


2017 Weiherhof.jpg



13th Event in 2018 - We will be back to Clervaux

Sunday 8th of July,

Lesley  is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Friday 29th of June

Registrations to be sent to Lesley (stevenson@pt.lu) :

2018 registration Clervaux 08.07.doc; 2018 registration Clervaux 08.07.pdf

2018 clervaux.JPG

Starting Clervaux 8 July 2018.xlsx

Results  Results Clervaux 08.07.2018.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

12th Event in 2018 - Our our WE in Alsace, at KEMPFERHOF (Plobsheim)

Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of June,

Fabrice  is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Friday 8th of June at 5 pm

Registrations to be sent to Fabrice (fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu) :

2018 GCCE Alsace 23-24 juin 2018.docx ; 2018 GCCE Alsace 23-24 juin 2018.pdf

2018 Kempferhof.JPG

Starting List: 2018 starting list 23 06.pdf; 2018 starting list 24 06.pdf

Results : 2018 Results Kempferhof.pdf

Pictures and Comments : 2018 photos Kempferhof.pdf

11th Event in 2018 - Our FIRST EDITION of "THE NATIONS CUP" at Clervaux

Saturday 16th of June,

Marie is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration — 10 June

invitation Inter Nations Team tournament.docx

2018 Internation

Starting List:GOLF CLUB CE Internations - Liste de départ.PDF

Result Results Internations 2018.pdf

Pictures and Comments : 2018 Nation's cup.doc

10th Event in 2018 - Sweepstake 9 holes at Grand-Ducal with Ham, Chips, Salad and Fruit Tart

Monday 4th of June, late afternoon

Lesley and Ed are inviting all members  --- deadline for registration Monday 28 May

Registrations to be sent to Ed (edwardmellis@gmail.com) : 2018 Sweepstake Grand-Ducal 04.06.18.docx; 2018 Sweepstake Grand-Ducal 04.06.18.pdf

2018 Grand Ducal.JPG

Starting List: to come

Results : to come

Pictures and Comments : to come

9th Event in 2018 - Stableford competition at Amnéville

Saturday 2nd of June, from 10:30 on

Fabrice  is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration  Wednesday 30 May at 6 pm

Registrations to be sent to Fabrice (fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu) :

2018 GCCE Invit. Amnéville.pdf; 2018 GCCE Invit. Amnéville.docx

2018 Amnéville.JPG

Starting List: to come

Results : to come

Pictures and Comments : to come

8th Event in 2018 -  WE at SANKT WENDEL

Saturday and Sunday 26 and 27 of MAY 2018

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration

Registrations to be sent to Fabrice (fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu) : 2018 Sankt Wendel 26-27 mai 2018.docx

2018 Sankt Wendel.JPG

Results : 2018 Sankt Wendel résultats individuels.pdf ; 2018 Sankt Wendel résultats teams.pdf

Pictures and Comments : 2018 Sankt Wendel Photos.docx

7th Event in 2018 -  at Golf de la Grange aux Ormes

Saturday 19 May 2018

Alice is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration 12 noon 8 May

Registrations to be sent to Alice :  GCCE Invitation La Grange-aux-Ormes 19.05.2018.doc

club house.JPG

Starting List Start list La Grange_19.5.2018_II.DOCX

Results  Results La Grange_19.5.2018.docx

Pictures and Comments : to come

6th Event in 2018 -  at RGC du Sart-Tillman for  the traditional "Bruxelles vs Luxembourg" competition

Wednesday 9 May 2018 from 11:00

Fabrice is inviting all members   

This year we will go to the Royal Golf Club du Sart Tilman - Angleur (close to Liège), to meet with our colleagues from Brussel, with a revenge to take on the final result of last year !

We hope to repeat our performance of 2016 , so we should all go and do our best to reach this objectiv.

The 10 best stableford scores will count for the "team result".

A new course, a very nice location, and the nice atmosphere .... so ...What else ?

Registrations to be sent to fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu until Wednesday 2 May 2018 at noon :

2018 GCCE Invitation Lux-Brux - Sart Tilman.docx or 2018 GCCE Invitation Lux-Brux - Sart Tilman.pdf


2018 9 mai Sart Tilman.JPG

Starting List: Sart Tilman 2018 départs v1.pdf

Results : 2018 9 mai Résultats Lux.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Again ....Bruxelles won ....by 323 to 293, but a wonderfull suny day and what a very nice course, with very fast greens.

2018 9 mai pictures.pdf


5th Event in 2018 -  Competition at Hillesheim - Saturday 5 May 2018 from 10:30 

   Gunter is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Monday 30 April noon  

Registrations to be sent to Gunter: 2018 GCCE Hillesheim.doc or 2018 GCCE. Hillesheim.pdf


Starting List: 2018 Hillesheim Starting List

Results : 2018 Hillesheim Results

 4th Event in 2018 -  Week-End BITCHE - Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 April 2018

Unfortunately we are forced to CANCEL this event on the scheduled dates due to insufficient hotel capacity.
we will try to move it in September or October.

our apologies for the inconvenience

3rd Event in 2018 -  Competition at Preisch - Sunday 21April 2018 from 11:00 

   David is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Monday 16 April noon  

Registration forms to be sent to David: 2018 GCCE Invit. Preisch.doc or 2018 GCCE Invit. Preisch.pdf 


Results :   2018 results Preisch.pdf 

Pictures and Comments : to come

2nd Event in 2018 -  Competition at KIKUOKA - Sunday 15 April 2018 from 11:00               

  Marie is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : Tuesday 10 April 17:00

Registration forms to be sent to Marie: 2018 Invitation Kikuoka.docx, and 2018 Invitation Kikuoka.pdf


Starting List: starting list kikuoka.pdf

Results: Results KIkuoka 15.4.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

1st Event in 2018 - "Opening & Easter Bunny" Competition -Friday 30 March 2018 at 12:30

- Golf de Luxembourg BELENHAFF ==>  Gert is inviting all members  --- deadline for registration : 23 of March 2018

Registration forms to be sent to Gert : 2018-GCCE Invit. Easter Bunny.doc ; 2018-GCCE Invit. Easter Bunny.pdf


Results : 2018 Easter Bunny-Team results.pdf; and  2018 Easter Bunny-Individual results.pdf

Pictures and Comments :

Thank you all for participating in our Easter Bunny tournament yesterday.... and thank you for keeping the good spirit despite the rain at the last few holes!! I do think that the condition of the greens effected our score. On the other hand one golfer was able so prove his skills (skills which of course were already know ....) and made a good score of 37 stblf. points.For the rest of us ... the excuse for the "not very good stableford result" will certainly be blamed to the greens!! However; looking at the scorecards - handed over to the committee - give rise to some remarks: 

1. Few Golfers (three to four) apparently do not know how to calculate stableford points!

2. Few Golfers do not add the points together after the round. 

It does actually means that other people -ex. the organiser(s) !!-  need to do ALL (!!!) that work. To make life easier for the organisers in the future I will kindly encourage participants in our tournaments to understand the formule we are playing (ex. calculate stableford points) and hand over correct filled scorecards.



Season 2017.JPG

Our General Meeting for the season 2016 was held in Room Adenauer at "Le Foyer Européen", 10, rue Heinrich Heine in Luxemburg from 18:30 Thursday 26 January 2017.

Here the agenda : GCCE -Invitation et Ordre du jour AGM 2017.doc, or  GCCE -Invitation et Ordre du jour AGM 2017.pdf

LIST OF OUR LAUNCHED EVENTS FOR 2017 in reverse calendar order

► Program 2017: NEW *** : 2017 Calendrier 8.pdf

► Path To Belenhaff 2017: 

   Finally, we have our Champions for 2017 .....hereafter the two podium

Podium 2017 - Ladies.JPG


Podium 2017 - Men.JPG


and the global ranking 2017 :

GCCE THE PATH TO BELENHAFF 2017 final - Ladies.pdf

GCCE THE PATH TO BELENHAFF 2017 final - Men.pdf

The two big Winners will be rewarded at the occasion of our

General Assembly, on the 30. January 2018.




comics 6.JPG


Special EVENT : 29th European Organisation Golf Team Tournament - 1 and 2 September 2017 at De Scherpenbergh Golf, Lieren - 10km south of Apeldoorn - Netherlands - Hosted by European Patent Office & Europol

Application/Information : 2017 EOGTT.pdf

The first day will be devoted to the team competition followed by a BBQ and a Prize-giving ceremony, while the second one will be an individual competition.

As usual hotel reservations are the responsibility of the individual  participants.

4 Options are available :

Option 1: 2 Rounds golf  Friday and Saturday plus packed lunches and dinner € 200.00
Option 2: Golf only on Friday plus packed lunch and Dinner € 125.00
Option 3:   Golf only on Saturday plus packed lunch and food      € 85.00
Option 4: Friday dinner (for non Golfers) € 40.00


We coordinate the registration for our team(s), so, if you're interested in participating, please contact Edd, Gert or Fabrice.

Special EVENT : 24th Geel Open Golf Tournament - 7 and 8 July 2017 at Steenhoven Country Club - Mol/Postel - Belgium

Application/Information : 24th Geel Open Golf Tournament.pdf




our 23rd and Closing EVENT for 2017 - deadline: 13th October at 17:00

Saturday 21st of October 2017 - Competition at Belenhaff

The committee is inviting all members to the 2017's closure competition followed by the traditional diner at +/- 19:15- tee times from 13:00

Registration forms : 2017 GCCE Glu_hwein Cup 21 10 2017.pdf

2017 Belenhaff Glühwein.jpg

Starting List: Glühwein 2017 updated flights_tee-times.pdf

Results : 2017 Belenhaff Glühwein results.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

our 22nd EVENT - deadline Tuesday 26 September 2017

Saturday 30th of September 2017 - Competition at Golf-Club BITBURG

Gunter is inviting all members - tee times from 11:00

Registration forms : 2017 Bitburg Competition for GCEC.docx; 2017 Bitburg Competition for GCEC.pdf

2017 Bittburg.jpg


Results : Results Bitburg 2017.pdf

our 21st EVENT - deadline 2 October at noon

Saturday 7th of Octobre 2017 from 10:30 on - Competition at Golf-Club Saarbrücken e.V.

Roger is inviting all members

Registration forms :2017 - GCCE-Saarbrücken.docx; 2017 - GCCE-Saarbrücken.pdf

2017 Présentation SGCeV.jpg


Starting List: to come

Results : to come

Pictures and Comments : to come

our 20th EVENT - deadline Monday 11th September noon

Friday 15th of September 2017 - EEMONDT VAN KUIJK / ISPA Cup 2017 at Golf Château de Preisch

David is inviting all members - tee times from 11:30 until 13:30 -optional the traditional  BBQ

Registration forms :GCCE Invitation Eemondt's Cup 2017.doc; GCCE Invitation Eemondt's Cup 2017.pdf

2017 Preisch NAMSA.JPG


Starting List: to come

Results : to come

Pictures and Comments : to come


our 19th EVENT - deadline 30th August

9 and 10th of September 2017 - Golf-WE in Faulquemont & Bitche - Golf and La Toya*

Fabrice is inviting all members - tee times on saturday from 11:00 at Faulquemont

Formula : For this competition, a very special one:  on each course you will be competing individually as well as a team , this at the same time. 

2017 WE Faulquemont&Bitche.jpg

Starting List: 2017 Bitche&Faulquemont Départs 2 jours.pdf

Results : 2017 Faulquemont & Bitche Team Results.pdf; 2017 Faulquemont & Bitche Individual Results.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Again a very nice WE, two nice courses, few drops of water over our heads at Faulquemont on Saturday, but just for few minutes, a very nice evening at Le Toya, a menu full of creativity, thanks to all the different teams involved (Hotel, restaurant, club-house), our group felt really welcome before to leave Faulquemont to Bitche, and probably one of the nicest courses our club might have the chance to have played in 2017. The winners of the team competitions were Jeanny, François and Fabrice on the first day, and Josée, Lene, Alice and François on the second one. Very good scores registered at Faulquemont by Lene (38pts), and Ed and Roger (41 and 37) at Bitche. The two mixed "Nearest the pin" where trusted by the "Weber Family" at Faulquemont, and on Sunday at Bitche, Thomas and Ed were the two winners.



2nd of September 2017 - Christnach Surprise Scramble

Alice and Marie is inviting all members - tee times from 10:30



Pictures and Comments : CANCELLED


our 17th EVENT - deadline 22nd August

26th of August 2017 - Trierer Golf Club - Stableford Competition

Gunter is inviting all members - tee times from 10:00

Registration forms :2017 Trier Competition for GCEC.doc; 2017 Trier Competition for GCEC.pdf

2017 GCCE at TRIER GC.jpg

Results : Trier Results

Pictures and Comments : to come


16th EVENT - deadline 6th July at 17.00

Our traditional WE in Troyes from Friday 11th to Monday 14th at Best Western Forêt d'Orient

David & Gert are inviting all members - see description hereafter

Registration forms : 2017 Troyes invitation.doc ; 2017 Troyes invitation.pdf

2017 Golf de la foret d

Results : 2017 Weekend leaderboard.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

our 15th EVENT in 2017 - deadline Friday 28 July :

Lesley is inviting all members - see description hereafter

Registration forms : 2017 Belenhaff 3clubs.doc; 2017 Belenhaff 3clubs.pdf

2017 Belenhaff 3+1.jpg

Starting List: to come

Results : to come

Pictures and Comments : to come

14th EVENT - deadline 24th July at noon

29th of July 2017 - Weiherhof Stableford Competition

Roger is inviting all members - tee times from 11:00

Registration forms : 2017 GCCE Weiherhof.docx; 2017 GCCE Weiherhof.pdf

2017 Weiherhof.jpg

Starting List: 2017 startinglist Weiherhof.pdf

Results : 2017 result weiherhof.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

13th EVENT - deadline 17th July at noon

21th of July 2017 - Belenhaff Tournament and Barbecue

Bjargey is inviting all members - tee times from 12:30

Registration forms : 2017 GCCE Belenhaff BBQ.doc; 2017 GCCE Belenhaff BBQ.pdf


Starting List: 2017 Belenhaff BBQ - Starting list.pdf

Results : 2017 Belenhaff BBQ results.jpeg

Pictures and Comments : to come

12th EVENT - deadline 3rd July at noon

8th of July 2017 - Longwy International Golf Club

Fabrice is inviting all members - tee times from 10:00

Registration forms : 2017 GCCE Invit. Longwy.docx; 2017 GCCE Invit. Longwy.pdf

2017 Longwy.JPG

Starting List: 2017 départs Longwy.pdf

Results : 2017 résultats compétition Longwy.pdf and regarding the PTB : 2017 résultats Longwy.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Beautiful weather on Saturday, course in a perfect condition regarding the quality of the greens, and a lot of very good results which must lead to hdcp improvement for 4 of our players (Jesus, John, Gert and Marie). Nearest the pin went to Fleming and Daisy, Leary to Fabrice and Longuest drive to Geneviève and Jesus. Two issues were raised after this competition, the Committee will have to decide on : The way Hdcp revisions are determined and if "a given putt" my be accepted in our competition.

11th EVENT - deadline 26 June 2017 at noon

1st of July 2017 - Preisch 27 holes -

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- tee time from 9:30

Registration forms : 2017 GCCE Preisch 27.docx; 2017 GCCE Preisch 27.pdf

2017 Preisch 27.JPG


Starting List: 2017 départs Preisch 27 trous.pdf

Results : 2017 results Preisch 27 trous.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Again a very original triple formula of game with a "partner swap" after each 9 holes, Big winners of the day were Christiane and Gert, but lots of fun despite the not as good as expected weather conditions ! For Andrea, one of the longest drive I have ever seen on that Par 5 from Luxemburg where Michael was a bit better than our Cap'tain, Edd and Christiane were both nearest the pin and Graham won the Leary ! Congratulations , and Many thanks to Benjamin, Florence and all the team of Preisch for their support and congratulations to the team for the quality of the course and the wonderful greens !

10th EVENT - deadline 19 June 2017

26th of June 2017 from 17:15 - Sweepstake at Grand Ducal for the 9 holes + Ham/Chips/Salad & Strawberry Melba

Lesley and Ed are inviting all members

Registration forms : 2017 invitation Grand-Ducal 9.doc; 2017 invitation Grand-Ducal 9.pdf

2017 Grand ducal 9.JPG

Starting List: 2017 departs GD 9 trous.pdf

Results : 2017 résultats GD 9 trous.pdf


9th EVENT - deadline 2nd June 2017

11th of June 2017 - Clervaux

Lesley is inviting all members  --- tee time from 10:00


Starting List: 2017 départs Clervaux.pdf

Results : 2017 Clervaux Results.pdf

Pictures and Comments : The weather was beautiful and the results were very good too.  May we just take this opportunity of reminding you not to put your name down for the special prizes if you do not intend to stay for the prizegiving.

8th EVENT - deadline 30 May 2017

3rd of JUNE 2017 - Cherisey

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- tee time from xx:xx

2017 golf cherisey 2.jpg

Starting List: 2017 départs Cherisey.pdf

Results : 2017 résultats à Cherisey.pdf and regarding the points PTB : 2017 résultats PTB à Cherisey.pdf

Pictures and Comments : It must have been something like "a Mother Day" or a "Ladies Day" on that Saturday at Cherisey .... no man (except Walter !) could compete with our very successful ladies ....Our Dames have trusted five of the six places of the Podium in the two categories with remarkable performances....Cat 2 (from hdcp 19 to 36): a 39 pts for Alice, 36 for Julia and Marie, and  in the Cat 1 (< 19 hdcp), 4 times a nice 35 pts, decision came as the results on the last 9 and last 6 holes - Bravo Sue, Walter, Jeanny and Bjargey ! Thanks to everyone for participating and congratulation to the Club for the quality of the course (very nice greens).


6th EVENT - deadline 10th May 2017

13th of MAY 2017 - Amnéville

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- tee time from 10:30

amnéville 1.JPG

Starting List: 2017 départs Amnéville 13 05.pdf

Results : 2017 Résultats Amnéville.pdf

Pictures and Comments : What a lucky bunch of players ...despite the very bad weather forecast, except the last flight who arrived at hole 17 with few drops, for the rest of the field, we had a sunny a very nice day. Lesley won the ladies competition while Stig was leading the field for the men. Unfortunately, we were only able to reward Angela Flood for her longest drive, none of the men succeded to be on the fairway from the back-tee position, and again, a player put his name on the nearest board and then crossed it with a thin line probably when he realized he couldn't join the reward ceremony, but the line was too thin to let the other players kwown that the contest was still open for competition.

So, more happy people after the "Tirage au sort" . Thanks to the Club for the green-fees offered and for the quality of the welcome.



Our Second trip this year, will be in Germany (Stromberg) - Friday 23 & Saturday 24 June 2017


stromberg 1.JPG


5th EVENT - deadline 2nd May 2017

9th of MAY 2017 - ROYAL GOLF CLUB des FAGNES - SPA FRANCORCHAMP - EU Bruxelles vs EU Luxembourg

Fabrice is inviting all members  --- tee time from 13:00 --2017 GCCE Invitation Lux-Brux - Spa.docx -- 2017 GCCE Invitation Lux-Brux - Spa.pdf - 

This year we will go back to the Royal Golf Club des Fagnes, to meet with our colleagues from Brussel, with our last year victory to defend ! We hope to repeat our performance this year and this is the reason why we should all go and do our best to reach this objectiv.

The 10 best stableford scores will count for the "team result".

2017 spa.jpg

Starting List: 2017 départs SpaBxlLux.pdf

Results : to come

Pictures and Comments : to come


4th EVENT - deadline 24th April 2017 at noon

29th of APRIL 2017 - PREISCH -

David is inviting all members  --- tee time from 11:00--- Preisch 2017.docx -- 


preisch 1.JPG

Starting List: to come

Results : to come

Pictures and Comments : to come

3rd EVENT - deadline 7 April 2017

14th of APRIL 2017 - BELENHAFF - Easter Bunny Competition

Gert is inviting all members  --- tee time from 12:30  --- Easter Bunny 2017.docx -- 

  Belenhaff 1.JPG

Results : Easter Bunny_SINGLE_ 2017.pdf; Easter Bunny_SPECIAL_ 2017.pdf; Easter Bunny_TEAM_2017.pdf

Pictures and Comments :

First of all …. thank you for participating in our traditional little Easter Bunny tournament at Belenhaff Golf Club. It is always a pleasure to organise a little tournament for happy golfers!

Secondly …. After +10-15 years (???) as a captain for the ECGC I can proudly announce that ……; For the first time EVER - and I mean EVER- all the scorecards were neatly made and it was easy to read the relevant scores/points.

That is a great achievement, it will be the new standard which we ALL need to follow-up upon and comply with……. to make life easier for the organisers….. and by all means, it should be more fun to play a round of golf, when the rules are known and the formula which are played are understood! :-)))

7th EVENT -  Registration closed

Our First Week End this year, will be in Alsace (Kempferhof and Soufflenheim) - 20 & 21 May 2017



A new destination on our Agenda - Due to the very high demande for this period of the year, we have to confirm quite early in the season our booking for this first WE-event, with one round of golf on Kempferhof on Saturday 20th of May , three courses diner and hotel on the Golf course, breakfast and second round of golf on Sunday 21st in Soufflenheim.

We only have a limited number of rooms and we should give all the final booking information latest on 20th of March.

So, again ....the moto will be first come ....first serve !

If you want to be part of it, please send the registration form with your choices to Fabrice LEBRUN (fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu) before the 17th of March noon (we will confirm your registration and request from you the payment of 30% of your participation's fees.

Registration form : word:  GCCE Alsace 20-21 mai 2017.docx  and pdf: GCCE Alsace 20-21 mai 2017.pdf

Présentation : Présentation WE Alsace.pdf

Starting List: Alsace 2017 Strating list Kempferhot.pdf ; Alsace 2017 Strating list Soufflenheim.pdf

Results : 2017 Alsace results.pdf

Comments : A super nice WE in Alsace with the sun all along the two days. Two big winners : Katharina (who trusted more or less everything the first day) and Philippe, leader on the two courses. Also at the top, Christianne, Guy, Lesley and Ed ! Well done.

More or less everyone has now to fill up again his/her stock of balls in the perspective of the next coming event ... and this due to the many water hazards we had to deal with during those two days. 

2nd EVENT - deadline 31 March 2017 at 12:00


Alice is inviting all members  --- tee time from 11:00  ---GCCE Grange-aux-Ormes .2017.doc -- GCCE Grange-aux-Ormes .2017.pdf 


club house.JPG

Starting List: 2017 départs GaO.pdf

Results : 2017 Résults LGaO.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Alice had organized a very nice golfing day, with a lot of sun and a course in quite good conditions so early in the season. A bunch of very good results, with the obligation for four members to revise their hdcp for next coming competitions : Evelyne with 39 points (-1.2 to 25.5), Jeanny (-0.4 to 18.2)) for our ladies, and Juan (-7 to 29) and Jean-Pascal (-0.5 to 31.6) ....Congratulations !

1st EVENT - deadline 28 March 2017 at 17:00


Françoise is inviting all members  --- tee time from 10:00 to 11:30  ---GCCE Kikuoka 2017.docx -- GCCE Kikuoka 2017.pdf 


Picture e.JPG

Results : 2017 results kikuoka.pdf

Pictures and Comments : This was a great day of golf, a very nice opening into our 2017's season for the 33 competitors. The sun and the almost good conditions did contribute to many good scores! The field was splitted into two mixed categories (0-17.6 and > 17.6) and the winners in Net are respectively Guy and Fleming, while René wan the Brut with 29 pts (better out). Nearest the pin went to Robert (33cm), and longest Drive went to Christianne and René. Big thanks to Françoise !!!








     Season 2016.JPG


Section : EVENTS ....



The PATH to Bellenhaff, edition 2016 


Finally, the 2016's PATH TO BELENHAFF crosses it's finishing line on Saturday afternoon, and after the 18 holes and all the special prizes, the two 2016's Champions are:






      Congratulations to Sue and Ed, but also to all the 91 participants


==> 28th EOGTT Tournament organized by EIB at KIKUOKA on 2nd and 3rd of September - coordinator: An Geerinck -

Like each year, we are invited to participate in the European Organisations Golf Team Tournament (EOGGT). This event will take place at Kikuoka on two days: Friday 2nd for the team competition followed by a dinner and a Prize-giving ceremony at the hotel MERCURE, and a shotgun single competition on Saturday.

Playing handicap are limited to max 28 on Friday and 36 on Saturday. Participant might register for the all package (2 rounds of golf + 2 packed lunch + dinner) or only for the friday round of golf (+ packed lunch and dinner) or even only as non-golfer (friday dinner).

Teams are composed with max 6 players, and the best four stableford scores will be added for the team result, GCEC will try to build two or three teams, thanks to our Capt'ain and An experiences, so the number of possible participants will be limitedto a maximum of 18.

Early September, our Treasurer David will reimburse each participant up to 15, - € per green fee.

Please send the attached entry form duly completed, regardless of the team (it will be the responsibility of our Captain and An) as soon as possible to An Geerinck, and transfers the fees to our account (GCEC) so that David might be able to pay the registration fees to EIB befor 15th of JULY.

 .........the official program : EOGTT 2016 programme.pdf

Starting schedule on Friday : Starting friday.pdf; and Saturday : Starting Saturday.pdf; and team composition : Teams 2016.pdf


and now the results : EOGTT Golf Event - Team results 2016.pdf

Many thanks in advance

==> 23rd Geel Open Golf Tournament organized by EC Golf Club Geel at Kempense Golf Club on 1st and 2nd of July - coordinator: An Geerinck -

Like each year, we are invited to participate in the Geel Open. This event will take place at Kempense Golf Club - in Mol -Belgium on two days; Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of July. It's an individual Stroke play and Stableford competition followed by a BBQ dinner and a Prize-giving ceremony at the Kempense Clubhouse.

Playing handicap are limited to max 36.



 "Opening in Kikuoka March 20" :


Results : results KIKUOKA Sunday 30 04 2016.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Winter isn't probably entirely over, but spring is showing some signs ...golfers are back on the course, and on sunday 20 of March, we were 26 participants out in Kikuoka. The Course was in good condition, and this year, everyone finished, totally dry, but of course, a bit cold ..... we had only 6 to 8 degrees when we started at 10:30, but everything went well and the complete field was waiting into that nice Clubhouse for the prize giving, arround 5 pm. We had a nice time on that difficult golf course, and some people registered very good results, and that's for a first competition, early in the season. Hopefully a good start into our very rich program for 2016 !

Very good organization ...thanks to Roland !

 "Easter Bunny-Belenhaff 25th of March" -


Results : Easter Bunny results.pdf

Pictures and Comments : First team competition of the year 2016, Belenhaff hosted 19 competitors divided into teams of three or two players. The creative brain of our captain had invented a formula where we had to add per hole, the best two stableford scores.

The welcome with chocolates was appreciated, probably much more than the few showers that have scattered the day.

Two individual scores to notice: Raymond with 40 points and Gert with 38 .... doesn't this smells like an handicap revision for the next competitions ?
Prize giving under sunny skies to end this nice day ! Thanks Captain for the organization and ....the chocolates !

Stableford Competition in Preisch  - The organizer is David


photo Preisch.jpg

Results : Results Preisch.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Thanks to Florence and all the staff in Preisch, 34 participants felt really welcome and spent a very nice golfing day, perfectly organized by David. We had the pleasure to introduce 1 newcomer and 4 comeback after some years of absence. For the Prize giving, only one serie in "brut" and ....as usual...., it gave us the oportunity to celebrate our german friend Walter (4.9) who scores an extremely good 30 pts, and that has to be appreciated in the perspective of the relatively bad conditions for some of the greens. Concerning the "net" results, we had two categories where, as well for the ladies than for the men, the first position were trusted by "newcomers" (seems to turn into an habit !), namely Giota Zily for the ladies, and Michael Lee for the men (with an impressive score of 39 pts stableford).

David took the oportunity to insist on the importance to read in detail the invitation and all the information in it. On time registration would be more than expected in order to facilitate the job for the organizer.

A special thanks from David to Gert for the nice and highly apreciated Bofferding !

And a very special thanks from all the field of participants adressed to David for the perfect organisation !

Photos of the day : Photo GCCE in Preisch.pdf

Following Competition : Saturday 16th of April in Christnach - "Mystery Partner"-  Alice & Marie



Results : résults Christnach.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Il faut admettre que nos deux charmantes organisatrices, Alice et Marie, savent à merveille comment accueillir dans les meilleures conditions leurs invités, démonstration en fût faite encore samedi.

D'abord, le petit sourire et le mot gentil qui l'accompagne, et, comme si cela ne suffisait pas, le petit sachet individuel contenant balle, tees, petites douceurs et ne l'oublions pas, le petit mot d'encouragement ....nous participons tout de même à une compétition ...il ne faudrait tout de même pas l'oublier.

Et quel pouvoir de persuasion, puisqu'elles sont parvenues à convaincre les éléments de ne se déchaîner sur Christnach qu'une fois le dernier compétiteur rentré au Club-house ... c'est à travers les baies vitrées, après la remise des prix qu'elles ont par ailleurs superbement orchestrée, qu'en toute sérénité,  nous avons pu observer les violentes averses qui s'abattaient sur le golf.

L'effet du Mystery Partner à joué, jusqu'au bout, mais que faire contre dame chance, qui réunit en équipe gagnante deux des meilleurs scores stableford en simple....victoire en équipe de la "Mystery" paire danoise composée de Lene et Flemming, les gagnants en simple étaient Sue chez les dames, et Flemming chez les hommes ....tiens tiens !!! deux membres de Christnach !!!...comme quoi ce parcours requiert expérience et pratique assidue, la balle la plus proche du trou sur ce green du 18 fut celle de David, ce fut d'ailleurs la seule que le fort vent de face avait daigné laisser attérir sur le green. Christnach avait encore une fois vaincu la meute, mais ce n'est que partie remise ...nous reviendrons.

Merci à Alice et Marie pour cette journée.

Photos of the day : Photos Christnach.pdf

Saturday 23rd of April,Technopole in Metz - GCCE Invite Technopole.docx- Roland & Bjargey our organizers



Results : résults Technopole.pdf

Pictures and Comments : 25° on Thursday and only 6° on Saturday ...., a little rain on the top of that, just in order to  finish waking up earlier tee times, and a course full of surprises .... sometimes good (two participants completed the course with the same ball they played on tee 1) .... as sometimes worse ....ie the fairway of hole 14, very long par 5, which obviously looked more like a field with that very high grass, someone had just cuted shortly before... not easy to find back the perfectly played ball in it .... but, at the end, the victory goes with 30 points to François Vernadat among the men, and with 24 points, to Jeanny Baars among our courageous ladies ... and would you believe me when I'm telling you that those two players are those having played all the strokes on the same ball ? ...  The Garden Golf Metz Technopole is a course with some pitfalls, very nice and easy to walk, as long as you stay at distance from the motorway, but it deserves surely beeing challenged again a little later in the season in the future. Many thanks for the organization to Bjargey, and her "assistant" Roland, well done !

SPECIAL EVENT TO COME - April 30th - "Toutes et Tous au Golf" :  Flyer Toutes et tous au golf 2016v 4 FR.pdf

                                                                                                                  Flyer Toutes et tous au golf 2016v 4 EN.pdf

                                                              ....register, come, try and .....enjoy it !

And take a look to those information : Toutes et tous au Golf introduction.pdf

... and afterwards, what do I have to undertake in order to get my Green card :

                          contact the committee, or look for one of the learning facilities hereafter (non exhaustive) :

... one more small step ....the so called "Licence - assurance" provided by one of the national golf federation (many national federation will provide you with one "licence" without the obligation of beeing registered as full member in one of their affiliated clubs), and you are now able to join our club and participate in all the event we are organizing all over the season ....

You took part to that event, your feedback is more than welcome : enquête.docx

Then, 9th of May, Brussels vs Luxemburg at Spa Les Fagnes (Fabrice)



as far as possible, we will try to find carpool solutions in order to optimize the journey and avoid too many people driving alone in a car !

Starting List : Starts By Hour (25).pdf

Results : Taking into account the 15th best scores in each team, Luxemburg wins by 4 points (421 - 417)

                 and here are the results for Lux: Spa 2016 Results lux.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Cela faisait bien longtemps que notre traditionnelle rencontre avec nos collègues de Bruxelles ne s'était plus déroulée sous un soleil aussi radieux que celui qui brillait à Spa en ce jour où nous célébrions Robert Schuman. Cela faisait sans doute encore plus longtemps que les participants de Luxembourg ne s'étaient plus déplacés aussi nombreux (24). Cette journée fut une belle réussite, merci à Chantal et à toute l'équipe d'organisation. Le changement de gérance du restaurant et les difficultés de communication avec ceux-ci seront le léger bémol de cette très belle journée qui aura vu la victoire de Luxembourg de trois petits points. Un grand merci également au traditionnel sponsor du GCCE Bruxelles qui assure la dotation de la remise des prix, le rendez-vous est pris pour l'édition 2017, vraisemblablement au Royal Golf Club du Château Royal d'Ardenne, encore plus nombreux, pour que la fête soit encore plus belle !

Then, 21st of May, Amnéville will host our competition organized by Fabrice - deadline over



Results : Resultats Amnéville.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Super nice weather on that Saturday, and 28 participants at the start on a very well prepared course in a good condition. Rui as usual appears to be the nearest to the pin with 1.92m, and Lesley and Roger got the longest ....apparently, a lot of participants were expecting a special prize for the deapest into the forest ! Rui wins the global Brut and Lene and Pierrot the Net. Three new members took part for the first time to one of our competitions (and our President totally omitted to mention that point and fergot to introduce those newcomers to the all field .....shame on him ! )  - Irina, her husband Jouko and Christophe have discovered our group and could breathe the funny atmosphere of that moto P3F ....."Play Fair and For Fun" !

Then, 28th of May, our Frech tour will bring us to Cherisey organized by Fabrice - GCCE Invit. Cherisey.docx deadline MAY 24th at noon



Results : Cherisey results.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June 2016 ....WE - Durbuy (B) organized by Fabrice

First WE of the season, we will play "Five nations" and "Durbuy", and stay for the night at the "Azur en Ardenne" Resort.

  1. “One of the 50 nicest courses in the world”   http://five-nations.bluegreen.com/en/the-club
  2. The Resort : http://www.azurenardenne.be/
  3. “On a wooded and hilly site, in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes”  http://durbuy.bluegreen.com/en


Results : Résultats durbuy.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Durbuy was a new destination in our Program for this year, and obviously, it has been very much appreciated by the various participants that came in numbers to discover these two courses (Five Nations and Durbuy) and the "Azur en Ardenne" hotel.Both courses were at the image of this very nice region: hilly and very demanding for those who have walked the all way. Unfortunately, due to thunderstorms, we were obliged to stop the second round in Durbuy after 9 holes. This did not prevent us to reward the solid play og Guy and Ann during the prize giving ceremony, both of them won the global competition over the two days. To be notice also, the very nice performances of Ann, Guy and Jean-Pascal, all three with 37 points on Saturday, that will melt their hdcp !

 on Monday 13th of June starting at 16:30, GCCE will be back to the hearth of Luxemburg organized by Ed & Lesley-

for 9 holes of golf and Ham &Frites in Golf Club Grand-Ducal.


Results : Résultats Grand ducal.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

on  Saturday 18th of June, and for the first time ever, we will be in LONGWY organized by Fabrice,   Secrétariat : +33 3 82 26 83 95 -


Results : Résultats Longwy.pdf

Pictures and Comments : Low participation in this event, maybe caused by the bad weather conditions, or/and the reputation of this hilly course,  with some quite long jonctions.Some wet and soggy places, but in any case the most beautiful green that we have played since the beginning of the year. Participants will have enjoyed the walk and the layout of those 18 holes. Natassa for its first competition, came and wan with a score of 37pts, among gentlemen, this is Ed who leads the dance. The signature hole course what the 9 did not determine  the winner of the "Near the Pin" contest, since no ball landed on the green.

on  Saturday 25th of June, and for the first time, Weiherhof Golfpark will host the competition organized by Fabrice,


Let us know if you are interested in a carpool solution !

Results : Results Weiherhof.pdf

Pictures and Comments : 18 participants, qui ont pour certains, redécouverts, pour d'autres découverts ce très joli parcours vallonné et manucuré avec soin, situé à environ 1 heure de Luxembourg, auront pu apprécier la qualité de l'accueil, la convivialité du club house ainsi que le service irréprochable qui nous auront permis de passer un très très agréable moment dans cet écrin de verdure. Cet environnement favorable a donné des ailes à Gert qui a survolé la compétition chez les messieurs avec ses 40 pts stableford et à Lesley qui remporte la compétition chez les dames. Une très belle adresse golfique à retenir pour le futur.

Saturday 3rd of July, Lesley invites you for a Stableford competition at Golf de Clervaux -


Results : Results Clervaux.pdf

Pictures and Comments : .  We were lucky with the weather, but the course was still quite wet.  Good day had by all (luckily carts were allowed!). And one player did improve his handicap by 0.4, it's Yves with his score of 37 points - Congratulations -

Saturday16th of July, Françoise and Fabrice invite you for a very original competition at Preisch -

Why original ? First of all, it will not last for 9 holes, even not for 18, but you will have to play the 27 holes the club is offering ...."and what ? ...a stableford competition ????".....pfffff, stableford ..!!! much too simple !!!! .....you will have to experiment three different forms of game ...."ahhhh, yess....a team competition, and may I play with my prefered partner ?".....your crazy .....bloody not !!! ,   you will have to change your partner each time you will change the form ....that's makes it sooooo  ORIGINAL !!!!!

Registration not later than Tuesday 12th July at 12 noon

Preisch 27.jpg

Individual score-card will be distributed - Prize-giving as soon as all the results will have been "computed" - Best "Pair" for each forms, Best Flight as well as Best cumulative individual result will be rewarded ......

Results : Results Preisch 27 trous.pdf

Pictures and Comments : A very nice day of golf ! Perfect weather for playing, not too hot, neither too cold, a little wind but not too much and a very nice combination of games, refreshing and creativ ! The big individual winner is Jean-Pascal, the overall best Flight was composed with Fleming, Ann, Evelyne and Jean-Pascal, the best Pair in 4BBB was Ed associated with Graham, the Irish Greensome went to Geneviève and Jean-Louis, two new members, and not a surprise, the Texas Scramble rewarder Evelyne et Jean-Pascal. The three lowest handicap had in fact to play 36 holes, because they had to build a tem with themselves and had to play two balls, and depending on the formula used, personality disorders (duplication, exacerbated egocentrism, etc ....) can occur and last for few days.... we want to prevent relatives and warn that if these symptoms persisted, it may be necessary to consult.

Friday 22nd of July, Bjargey invites for a Stabelford competition followed by a BBQ (Barbecue) at Belenhaff


Results : Results Belenhaff +BBQ.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

Friday 5th of August, Lesley invites for a Stabelford competition, a special one, called "Three Clubs & a Putter" at Belenhaff -

Belenhaff 3+1.jpg

Starting List : Starting 3 clubs Belenhaff v2.pdf

Results : Résults Belenhaff 3+1.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come

from  Friday12th of August to Monday 15th of August we will be in Troyes for our traditional WE, with this year three rounds of golf, three nights, bed and breakfast and three 3-course dinners including wine and coffee, organized by David,

Troyes 2016.jpg

Starting List : to come

Results : Résults Troyes 2016.pdf

Pictures and Comments : to come


Friday 19 August 2016, we will play the EEMOND'S Cup at Bittburg, as a team match between GCEC and NSPA (ex NAMSA) golfers. Registration's form : GCCE Invitation Eemondt's Cup 2016 (2).doc to be returned not later than 15 August noon to David


Results : Results GCCE à Bittburg.pdf

Pictures and Comments : 31 participants for GCEC and 8 for NSPA, on the very nice and well prepared Bittburger Golf Course, and for the second year in the raw, GCEC wan the team Trophy, the Eemond's Challenge went this year to Marcel di Domenico, winner in Net with 38 Stableford points, the winner in Brut being Walter Jauss with 30 points.


Saturday 27 th and Sunday 28th of August, Fabrice invites for a new Week-End, with Bitche as a first round of golf on Saturday, a diner at the "La Toya" restaurant (1*), a night at the Hotel "Chambellan" with view on the Faulquemont Golf Course, the one we will play on Sunday morning after the Breakfast.

***** Competition in SHOT GUN in BITCHE at 12:00 on course (A+B) - Briefing at 11:15 *****

WE Bitche&Faulquemont.jpg

Results : Results Bitche team.pdf and Results Faulquemont indiv.pdf

Pictures and Comments : This event, started in Bitche and ended up in Faulquemont, will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the 2016 season.  We played L'Albatros  (A+B) on Saturday under scorching temperatures, we had there a nice "team" competition and our 9 team occupied 5 of the 27 flights that went at 12:00 on the course in shotgun.The golf part of the Weekend continues then  on Sunday in Faulquemont where we could register particularly high scores with no less than 6 handicaps that should be scaled down. Appart from the two nice courses visited, and the very friendly and cosy ambiance at the Hotel "Chambellan",  THE BIG POSITIVE SURPRISE of the weekend was the creativity and the quality of the menu proposed by the team of the Restaurant "La Toya" in Faulquemont. Well done Ladies and Gentelmen you managed to satisfy us far beyond our exceptations  !

Saturday 10 September 2016, we will be not very far from Trier to play the Trier GC, an individuel Stableford competition organized by Fabrice, Registration's form : GCCE Trier.docx to be returned not later than 6 September noon to Fabrice


Starting List : GCCE Trier Starting list v2.pdf

Results : Results Trier.pdf


Saturday 24September 2016, we will be back to France, not very far from Metz, to play "La Grange aux Ormes", an individuel Stableford competition organized by Alice, Registration's form : GCCE Invitation La Grange-aux-Ormes 24.9.2016.doc to be returned not later than 16 September 12:00 to Alice : alice.dewilde@ep.europa.eu

La Grange aux Ormes.jpg

Results : to come


Saturday 8 October 2016, we will play in Germany,  not very far from Saarbrücken, in Wallerfangen, where the Golfclub Saarbrücken eV. is located, for an individuel Stableford competition organized by Fabrice, Registration's form : GCCE Saarbrücken.docx to be returned not later than 3 October 12:00 to Fabrice: fabrice.lebrun@publications.europa.eu

Présentation SGCeV.jpg

Starting List : départs Saarbrücken.pdf

Results : Résultats Saarbrücken.pdf

AND LAST ... BUT NOT LEAST ...for our 2016 agenda :

Saturday 22 October 2016, Gert is pleased to invite you tour our last 2016's competition  Registration's form : GCCE Gluhwein Cup 22 10 2016 .doc to be returned not later than 14 October 17:00 to Gert: gnielsen@pt.lu

Belenhaff Glühwein.jpg


Results : Gluhwein 2016 results ladies.pdf; Gluhwein 2016 results men.pdf; Gluhwein 2016 Special prizes. Final.pdf



° The Golf Club EC in Luxemburg is open to the officials and to the active, released, seconded or retired staff, to the national officials in detachment, as well as their spouse and children, of the Institutions and other bodies established in Luxembourg (ex: Commission, Court of Auditors, Court of Justice, European Parliament, EIB, Translation Centre, European School, Eurocontrol) and also, with a quota restriction (< 25%), to external persons recommended by a GCEC official member.