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Browser Verification

Browser verification is required for all administrators signing in with password. It is not required when signing in with email or by members.

Verification helps protect your organisation data from password misuse by requiring each browser you use to be verified by email.

When you sign in using a browser that is not verified we will send an email to your address containing a verification link.

When the verification link is opened in your browser you will be signed in and the browser verified.

If using the browser regularly you should not be asked to re-verify.

Why am I being asked to verify again?

  • Each browser you use requires separate verification.
  • A browser is verified when it opens a verification link. You cannot verify a browser from a different device.
  • Clicking the link in a verification email will open your default browser. This may not be the same as the browser you are using for membermojo. If this is the case copy/paste the verification link into the correct browser or use your default browser to sign in.
  • Verification uses browser cookies, which must be enabled and not reset between sessions (see below). Verification cookies will be reset if using private browser tabs.
  • You will be asked to re-verify all browsers if your email or password has changed.
  • Some mobile password manager and search applications use their own private browser which won't be opened when the verification link is clicked. Copy/paste the verification link into the application you use for membermojo.
  • Safari home screen shortcuts on iPhone or iPad created before Feb 19 cannot be verified and will need removing and recreating.

Scanning membership card QR codes

Some QR code applications use a private browser that cannot be verified.

See QR code scanning for recommended applications.

Devices that have no access to administrator email

Some devices you want to use may not be able to receive the verification email.

The verification email can be forwarded to an account that can be accessed on the device.

Note that the verification link can only be used once, so should not be clicked until the email has arrived on the correct device.

Shared membermojo administrator accounts

We strongly recommend that membermojo administrator accounts are not shared. Each administrator should have their own account using an email address that they can access. That way each administrator can verify themselves, we can accurately record administrator changes, and account passwords can remain secret.

If this is not practical each administrator will need to verify their own browsers using the email sent to the shared account email address. The verification email can be forwarded to administrators that do not have access to the matching inbox.

Note that the verification link can only be used once, so should not be clicked until the email has arrived at the forwarded address.

Keeping verification cookies between visits

If your browser is set to automatically clear cookies when it is closed you will be asked to verify each visit.

To keep cookies for all sites you visit check that:

  • Google Chrome Settings / Advanced / Privacy and security / Site Settings / Cookies / Keep local data only until you quit your browser is off.
  • Microsoft Edge Settings / Privacy & Security / Choose what to clear / Always clear this when I close the browser is off.
  • Internet Explorer Settings / Internet Options / General / Browsing History / Delete browsing history on exit is off.
  • Firefox Options / Privacy & Security / Cookies and Site Data / Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed is off.

Using a private or incognito browser tab will also clear cookies when the tab is closed and require you to verify each visit.

Further help

Please contact support if you continue to have issues.

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