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Welcome to Friends of Bude Sea Pool

The best way to support the Sea Pool is to join the FoBSP. The more members we have, the louder our combined voice will be and the more influence we will have at local, county and national levels.

Membership of the FoBSP is open to everyone from all over the world: you don’t have to live locally to support Bude Sea Pool. The Pool is important to thousands of people from all walks of life and all are welcome to join the FoBSP.

The FoBSP aims to preserve, improve and enhance the historic Sea Pool at Summerleaze Beach, Bude, Cornwall, as an amenity for the benefit of the community and visitors to the town. With your help, we can keep the Sea Pool permanently open and thriving for another 80 years.

Membership Costs

You can pay by card online (there is a small extra charge for online payments to go towards our web hosting costs).

Or you can pay by cheque or standing order.

Or you can send a payment from your bank account to ours: please email us for details.

As a member of the FoBSP you will:

• Directly help to keep Bude Sea Pool permanently open. The growing membership of this group reflects the Pool’s importance to the local community and to visitors to the town

• Directly contribute towards the Pool’s annual running costs and to future improvements

• Be kept informed of our progress and events and receive members’ newsletters

• Be entitled to influence how the Pool is run in future, by voting at general meetings (only full members are entitled to vote)

• Be entitled to discounts on FoBSP merchandise and on products and services from our business partners

• Receive an annual copy of the FoBSP yearbook: your guide to Bude for the summer season, including information about the Pool and events in the town, plus discount vouchers and more

• Have exclusive access to special FoBSP events

Membership of the FoBSP

• Membership is open to anyone, on payment of the current subscription and at the discretion of the committee

• The current full membership subscription is £10 per year

• Junior membership for under 16s is available at £5 per year. Junior members are not eligible to vote at general meetings although suggestions and feedback from younger enthusiasts are very welcome

• Family membership is available for £25 per year. This is available for a family which group contains at least one adult, with all family members living at the same address. Family membership gives one membership number, the entitlement to one vote on FoBSP matters and to one single yearbook, or one discount one events/merchandise, or other benefit.

• Membership is not transferable or refundable

• On joining you will receive a unique membership number which you may need to quote to claim discounts


Are also very welcome. We have deliberately kept the membership fee low to allow all Sea Pool enthusiasts to join. If you can afford to pay more then please do make an additional donation which we’ll put towards the Sea Pool’s annual running costs.

Gift Aid:

If you are a UK taxpayer, please sign the Gift Aid declaration or tick the Gift Aid box on the membership form. This increases the value of donations and eligible subscriptions by around 25% at no cost to you (subject to approval by HMRC)

Doing More:

If you’d like to do more to save the Sea Pool then please contact us. You might be able to help with local or national fund-raising, or volunteer to join the committee, by becoming or suggesting a business sponsor, or by offering specific expertise. Your input at any level is very welcome.