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Welcome to Flixton Cricket and Sports Club

Hello and welcome to Flixton Cricket and Sports Club. We are a members club based at the heart of the community in Flixton. We pride ourselves on the environment we have created, a warm, friendly and informal welcome can be expected by all. We offer a range of services from sporting activities like cricket, bowls and tennis. Our member’s lounge and function room are suitable for all types of occasions.

Flixton teamwear can be purchased here.

Please note - All new membership applications are subject to approval. This may take upto 48 hours. Any rejected applications will be informed via email without reason and any payments will be refunded to your original payment method. Refunds may take upto 15 working days to appear in your account. 

Memberships can be terminated at any time by FCSC.

Under 18s only need to join as members if they are participating in sport.

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Mission Statement
To be an inclusive sustainable Sports and Social Club, offering opportunities for all ages, genders and levels of ability; embracing sporting core values by creating an environment and culture that promotes junior development, teamwork, discipline, respect and enjoyment - whilst maintaining respect for the club’s history and retaining our links with the past; incorporating changes in society, and contributing to our local community.

Our Vision
To be an excellent independent sustainable sports and social club and a leading provider of sports facilities in the Trafford area, recognised as a valued contributor to the local community.

A Short History

The current Flixton CC formed in the early 1890’s and played on Johnson’s Field on Woodsend Rd. It’s believed there was a rota back then to remove cows from the pitch on match days. The original ground was located on an area known as “The Flash” and was originally surrounded by open fields and lush greenery. It’s not quite the same now unfortunately! The club moved to their current home, then known as “The Athertons” in 1896. In 1914, the ground was acquired for the WWI “Dig for Victory” campaign before being re-laid upon hostilities end in 1919.

The club bought the ground in 1927 for £750 and went about improving facilities. These lasted up until the late ’60’s/early ’70’s, when the club amalgamated with Moorside Tennis Club and grants allowed a new pavilion building to be erected. The club have previously competed in the Manchester Association & the subsequent Manchester Cricket League, the Bolton & District League and the GMCL. The club has an active Crown Green Bowling section, Tennis, Table Tennis and Karate sections and a seasonal league darts team.

Club Administration

FCSC is a private members club. We encourage and welcome visitors. It is run by a committee which is elected by a voting system, usually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The committee also meets monthly to discuss club issues and as a member you may submit any questions, concerns or ideas at any time by email to info@flixtoncricketandsportsclub.com. The administration of the club is transparent and accountable and the club’s finances are independently audited and published at the AGM. The club also employs a Bar Manager.

Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of everybody involved in the club to ensure it remains a safe place, free from discrimination, fear and where possible, risk. We expect our members and visitors to conduct themselves with politeness, fairness and integrity both on and off their chosen field of play. Children must be supervised at all times. Any digression from this may result in a period of suspension from the club and in more serious cases (and after a full and fair investigation) expulsion.

Complaints and Conflict Resolution

We want our members to enjoy every visit to the club.  However, we also acknowledge that sometimes things do not meet expectations. If this is the case your first line of communication would be with the Bar Manager where hopefully, things can be resolved quickly and informally. If your concern is more serious or needs to be escalated, please contact David Connor david@flixtoncricketandsportsclub.com

Be assured, your complaint/concern will be taken seriously and you will receive a response.



General Committee or feedback/comments/questions



Conor, conorgeary19@gmail.com | 0792671539

Garry, garrycookson13@yahoo.co.uk | 07932011141 Use fcsc.skedda.com to book the courts


Irene, irenehardy079@gmail.com | 07929128859

Table Tennis
Tony, adw613@outlook.com | 07967729711


John, 0161 747 3176

Flixton Fitness

Charlie, flixtonfitness@gmail.com