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ESE Young Endocrinologists & Scientists (EYES)

The ESE Young Endocrinologists & Scientists (EYES) Committee communicates the opinions, suggestions and expectations of early career investigators to ESE, reports on activities such as meetings and symposia and organises a symposia session at the annual ECE.

For all the latest EYES related news please read our bi-monthly newsletter 

Applications open for new EYES Commitee Members

Are you interested in joining the EYES Committee? We are now accepting applications for three new committee members.

Committee members have a term of four years. One of the roles is dedicated to a basic scientist – so we encourage you to apply!

Please complete and submit your application to youngendocrinescientists@gmail.com by October 9, 17:00 CEST.

Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

EYES Clinical Observership Program (C.O.P.) - deadline EXTENDED 20 July, 2020 (00:00 GMT+1)

We're very excited to launch the EYES Clinical Observership Program (C.O.P.). 

The C.O.P. will allow Early Career Investigators (ECI) from Europe to grow and learn during a short, one-month stay in various European endocrine centres of expertise. Due to different European laws the time spent at the host centre will be defined as an “observership".

Each of the Centres will provide a Mentor and a Contact Person (one of the early career clinicians working at the host centre). Both have to be registered ESE members.

Upon review of all applications, they will be ranked according to the detailed scoring system.

The highest scoring top three applicants will be selected for the 2020/21 round of the C.O.P. Each successful applicant will be awarded 1000€ as a contribution toward travel expenses. Six applicants who do not receive an award for the C.O.P. and also score highly, will be given the opportunity to participate in the program provided they are able to self-fund the visit. (industry/ other grants or sponsorships can be obtained and have to be clearly stated).  

The required documents are:

•          Application form

•          Two preferred centres of interest from the list, field of interest, desired month of exchange. EYES will keep all rights to assign the applicant to the second centre of choice if the first preference is not available.

•          Two letters of recommendation: one from a Mentor and the other from the Head of Department

•          CV (one page) and Motivation letter (max 250 words)

•          Signed C.O.P- Terms and Conditions document (please see C.O.P. Terms and Conditions)

•          ESE membership proof


All applicants must be financial ESE members and also be registered on the EYES Membermojo website. Applicants are required to be Internal medicine and/or Endocrinologist and/or Diabetologist in training (specialty or subspecialty). Applicants are also required to have published (as one of the authors) at least one paper indexed in Current Contents (CC).


Please visit the ESE website to become a member. The in-training membership fee is €20 or €10 if you are a member of one of ESE’s National Affiliated Societies.


Please read the guidelines by clicking "Scope" for further details and the list of available centers of expertise and the list of required documents.


To apply, send all required documents to the email address: eyesoprogram@gmail.com

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


EYES Birmingham logo.jpg

2020 Annual EYES Meeting in Birmingham - POSTPONED

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the 2020 Annual EYES Meeting in Birmingham has been postponed to 2021. 

More details will be available soon.

EYES Mentoring Program 2020 - submission deadline 21 February, 2020

We're very excited to launch the EYES Mentoring Program for 2020!!

Aims & Objective: to give early career investigators (ECIs) the opportunity of connecting with a senior person (i.e. mentor) within the ESE who is not from their own country, to thereby support and enhance the learning and development of ECIs. To encourage networking between ECIs and established professionals in the field, to help gain a realistic insight into their chosen profession and to provide strategic career development advice. These may include applying for fellowships and grants, writing manuscripts, being involved with guideline development, journal editorial opportunities, applying for promotions, real insight in profession (work-life balance), gain leadership skills and many other aspects of career development in the clinic and research.

Selection: The mentoring program will commence with the application form, information from which will be used to match mentees with mentors. The first 30 mentees will be selected to take part in the 2020 EYES Mentoring Program (the program will be capped).

We will host an afternoon tea at the ECE in Prague for mentees and mentors to meet face-to-face. 

Eligibility: both mentee and mentors must be current ESE members. Please visit the ESE website to become a member. The in-training membership fee is €20 or €10 if you are a member of one of ESE’s National Affiliated Societies.

Please read the Guidelines for further details. 

To apply, complete the application form and email it to: youngendocrinescientists@gmail.com 

Deadline: 17:00 GMT+1 on 21 February 2020

EYES at the 7th ENDOBridge meeting 2019

EYES was present at the 7th EndoBridge meeting in Antalya, Turkey, October 24 - 27, 2019. This 3-day annual meeting is one event of its kind. It is the only one that is co-hosted by both worlds’ leading organizations; Endocrine Society and European Society of Endocrinology in collaboration with the Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Turkey. Beside the state-of-the-art lectures delivered by world-renowned faculty, EndoBridge involves small-scale case discussion sessions that are highly interactive. As an early career investigator, EndoBridges enables you to present your own case at these case discussion sessions or during the poster session.

One of our highlights of Endobridge involves the new President-Elect of the Endocrine Society, Prof. Dr. Gary D. Hammer, which delivered one of the best lectures. His lecture entitled ‘Differential diagnosis, investigation and therapy of bilateral adrenal incidentalomas’ was highly interactive and he addressed a lot of questions to educate us – the early career investigators and/or fellows – in the room.

EndoBridge did manage to bring together a diverse and active international group of early career investigators. In our era, where bridging becomes more and more important every day, EndoBridge provides a great opportunity for us – early career investigators from around the world – to interact with each other, share their experience and perspectives and participate in discussions.



Upcoming Activities

8th The ESE Young Endocrinologists & Scientists (EYES) Conference

4th - 6th September 2020 Birmingham, UK

Join us at the 8th The ESE Young Endocrinologists & Scientists (EYES) Conference in Birmingham, UK. EYES 2020 will be a unique opportunity to share your knowledge and experience, promote future collaborations, and network with peers from across Europe and beyond in a friendly environment. 

The programme, found here contains a number of keynote speakers and, as usual, lots of opportunities for ECR's to present their work!

Registration and Abstract submission for the EYES 2020 Conference will open May 2020. The number of available places is limited and priority will be given to active participants, presenting an abstract. All participants must be EYES members. In order to become an EYES Member, please visit EYES membership site.

Registration will cost 70 Euros and will cover accommodation (2-night stay*), refreshments during the event, conference dinners and EYES networking and social events.

* We are able to offer accommodation to 100 attendees. Accommodation is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and priority will be given to international attendees who register in time and present an abstract. For UK-based attendees, accommodation will only be considered for those residing outside the West Midlands.

We look forwards to seeing you there

The EYES 2020 team

EYES Annual Meeting 2021 and 2022 - ACCEPTING PROPOSALS

The European Young Endocrine Scientists (EYES) invites Ambassador Societies and local Groups
to submit expression of interests to hosting upcoming EYES congresses (years 2021 and 2022).

The EYES congress combines the latest cutting-edge basic, clinical, translational and preclinical
research, encouraging scientific networking and opportunities for collaboration in a unique and
friendly environment. It is a Congress for early career researchers (ECR) who are <10 years post-
PhD, Masters/PhD student or a clinician in-training.

Further details on the congress requirements, including management structure and
venue can be found here. All expressions of interest should be submitted to the EYES Secretary at

Meet the EYES committee 


Photo Ljiljana Marina 1.5.jpg

Dr. Ljiljana Marina (EYES Co-chair)

My research areas are in Adrenal and Reproduction.


054_Ayse Zengin_20180224.JPG

Dr. Ayse Zengin (EYES Co-chair)

My research focuses on the ethnic differences in bone mineral density and muscle mass and strength in diverse populations across the world. I use bone imaging devices for example DXA and pQCT, as well as novel muscle tests (jumping mechanography). My studies are based in The Gambia (West Africa), India, Vietnam and in Aboriginal Australians.



Dr. Luis Cardoso (Treasurer)

My research focus is on parathyroid tumours (particularly familial and malignant forms) and pituitary tumours (particularly hereditary and syndromic forms).


Pete Aldiss pic.jpg

Mr. Peter Aldiss (Membership Coordinator)

I am a British Heart Foundation funded PhD student with a background in exercise physiology and human nutrition. My current research focusses on how perivascular adipose tissue is affected by type 2 diabetes in humans whilst pre-clinical studies aim to determine how this fat depot is regulated by other stimuli (e.g. exercise training).


Eva Coopmans.jpg

Dr. Eva Coopmans

I am a MD PhD student in the Pituitary Center Rotterdam, where we study the medical treatment of patients with acromegaly. My current research focusses on the role of pasireotide LAR in the medical treatment of acromegaly. I am also interested in primary immunodeficiencies, in particular concerning the common ground between endocrinology and primary antibody deficiency.


Daniele Santi.jpg

Dr. Daniele Santi (EYES Secretary)

Dr. Daniele Santi gained his PhD in Clinical and Experimental Medicine in 2017 from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. Currently, Dr. Santi works at the Unit of Endocrinology of the Department of Biomedical, Metabolic and Neural Sciences of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy where his main fields of the research are reproduction and the gonadotropins physiology and implications in clinical practice. Currently, his researches are involved in the environmental and epigenetics influences on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis.


Stavroula A. Paschou.jpg

Dr. Stavroula Paschou

Dr. Lina Paschou obtained her PhD in Endocrinology with Honors from the Medical School of the University of Ioannina, Greece in 2010. She then worked at a post-doctoral level at the Department of Diabetes, St Bartholomew's Hospital in London and completed her training in Endocrinology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School and is a highly active researcher in the field of endocrinology and diabetes.