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Associate Member (Under 18) 1,3

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Ringing Member (Life Paid) 2,3

Associate Member (Life Paid) 2,3

1 Expires 31/01/2025

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3 Membership requires approval

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Welcome to The Essex Association of Change Ringers membership homepage

Charity Number 292250

  • The system allows members to manage their Essex Association membership online, pay subscriptions and provide  / update contact details for yourself and linked members via Your Membership
  • It provides a platform for Association and District communication with members
  • It provides a means of paying subscriptions on behalf of other members, and making donations, via the Member Store
  • It reduces the administration requirements on our officers
  • It ensures the Association is GDPR compliant

All Essex Association members (Ringing, Associate & Life) are asked to manage their membership on this system.   Detailed guidance is provided here.

Existing members should login via the Sign In button at top right, PLEASE DO NOT click the Join Us / Renew link, UNLESS you have already signed in (your name will appear at top right), otherwise you will start a new membership.  If you cannot sign in please please contact the Membership Enquiries address below with your name, tower and email address so that we can check the system.

New members can apply by clicking this link: 'Join Us / Renew'.  Alternatively you can press the Join Us / Renew button opposite / below.  You will also need to complete a separate Membership Application Form, information is provided below and during the on-line process, or discuss it with your Tower Captain or ringing teacher.

From 1 January 2023 membership subscriptions will be collected via the system as follows:

  • Ringing Adult, £8 annually
  • Ringing <18, £4 annually
  • Associate, £4 annually

We encourage all members to pay online if possible as it greatly reduces the administration for our officers (particularly the Association Treasurer and District Secretaries and Treasurers). Where subscriptions are paid by your Tower, or the church, they can be paid by bank transfer or via the Tower correspondent or other member.  Members can also choose to manage other members (e.g. in their tower) through the same email address.  This can be requested via the email below or new members can be added through an existing members login (please do not do this to add existing members as this will duplicate their membership).   Instructions will be provided in a system generated email once you have submitted the renewal.  A guide to membership renewal can be found here.  Note that the system subscription expiry date is set to 31 January to avoid reminder emails being sent out in December to limit the number of advance payments prior to accounting year end.

If you are already a member of the Association but not yet registered on membermojo (or your email address does not work) please contact email the Membership Enquiries address below, who will make sure you are added correctly.

If you are new to the Association please read the membership information before applying.  Note that a new member needs to be sponsored by two existing Members of the Association (NOT Non-Resident Life-Members) and elected at a District meeting before the membership is confirmed.   IF you first apply using this online system you will be required to complete a Membership Application Form as well and submit this to your District Secretary, your Tower Captain or Ringing Teacher can help you with this.

'Guest membership' is only applicable to people (including non-resident life members) who wish to receive Association or District information via one or more mailing lists, or to non-members who wish to use the Association 'Member Store'.  The minimum information required to sign-up as a guest is name, address and email.  Guests are not covered by Association insurance (unless they are being actively taught to ring by an Association member), do not get their name in the Annual Report and are not entitled to a copy of the Annual Report unless they request and pay for it.  Guests must renew periodically when prompted by the system if they wish to continue.


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