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We are a patient led, global charity based in the UK. 

We focus on trying to communicate scientific research for Menieres Disease and translate it into positive things you can do to help manage your Menieres Disease symptoms. 

Please join us and by doing so help support research into Menieres Disease, every little helps. 

In joining with us you will get regular updates on the latest scientific research from all the amazing research teams across the world. 

You can join as a friend, donor or a patron depending on how much you want (or are able) to support us.

By joining us today you will receive: 

- A guide on how to establish your own root causes

- A guide to a treatement programme to address your root causes  

- A summary of the first 100 responses to our Menieres Disease questionnaire

You will also receive our regular research study updates

I wish you the best of health. 

Best regards

John Ingram 

Menieres Disease sufferer and Charity Founder