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Craig Lane


Junior (under 9 on 1st October 2022) 2

Intermediate (9-18 on 1st October 2022) 2

Senior (19+ On 1st October 2022) 4

Senior Citizen (60+ on 1st October 2022) 4

Student Living locally 3

Student Living away from home 3

Family (2 parents + children in full-time education) 1

Non-playing single

Non-playing family

1 Joining fee applies £185

2 Joining fee applies £25

3 Joining fee applies £40

4 Joining fee applies £75

Expires 30/09/2022

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Payment: Cheque or BACS (bank transfer).


Welcome to Danbury Tennis Club membership page.

For more information on the club please visit Danbury Tennis Club


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  SHARED EMAIL ADDRESS FOR FAMILY MEMBERS - Why can I renew my membership but not membership for other members of my family?

A.  If 2 or more people share the same email address, you can switch between the members in the top right hand corner of the membermojo home page (near the 'sign out' button) so you can access renewal for other members of your family.

Q.  Can I pay by cheque or bank transfer?

A.  When you get to the payment page you can select to pay by cheque or BACS bank transfer (offline payments) and instructions are given.

Q.  How do I change my membership category or other information?  

A.  When you login to membermojo you can change any of your information by clicking on 'Your membership' at the top of the home page and then you can edit any details, view payment history and set or change your password for membermojo.