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1 child x 1 month

2 children x 1 month

3 children x 1 month

4 children x 1 month

1 child x 6 months

2 children x 6 months

3 children x 6 months

4 children x 6 months

1 child x 1 year

2 children x 1 year

3 children x 1 year

4 children x 1 year

Childminder Mon-Fr,i x 1 child, x 1 year 1

Childminder Mon-Fri, x 2 child, x 1 year 1

Childminder Mon-Fri, x 3 child, x 1 year 1

Childminder Mon-Fri, x 4 child x 1 year 1

Prices include VAT.
Membership does not allow priory access, queue jumping or any reservations

1 Membership requires approval

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Welcome to Drakes Den - Membership page


Each Membership will give you unlimited visits & entry into our soft play centre.


Here you can buy a monthly, 6 monthly or an annual membership, for 1 to 4 children at a time, from as little as £1.93 per week*.

Maximum of 2 adults per membership who will always receive free entry ( eg parents or guardians).


Valid memberships also receive 5% of drinks**, main meals** & 10% of birthday parties ( for the children noted on the membship).  :-)


Members will have access to special member ticket only events ( limited numbers apply).   But membership excludes free access to all other events, eg late Discos, unless otherwise stated - please check for details at each event.  


Our memberships do not allow any queue jumping/reserving, nor any priority access or seat/table reservations.  Please remember our opening times may vary during extreme weather conditions & maintenance.  Normal play rules apply, including signing in & out on each visit, and session/visit limit of 2 hours ( aka fair use).

Loyalty stamps cannot be collected when members enter the centre. 


FAO Childminders:   

We can offer a Monday to Friday membership for upto 4 children on any one visit, the children will not be named or photographed for the card, however, the childminders photo must be supplied. OFSTED registration proof, via E-mail, will be required before membership will be approved.  


Please give us a call or E-mail, if you have any questions.

(01752) 79 44 44  or info@drakesden.co.uk


* based on an annual membership for 1 child, purchased in advance.

** Drinks does not include bottles drinks.  Main meals  =  any food item from the main food menu priced at £3.50 or over.