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Dol-Fan UK


'72 Gold - Adult (Annual)

‘72 Gold Premium - Adult (5 Years)

'72 Gold - Couple (Annual)

'72 Gold - Child 0-17 (Annual)

'84 Silver

*'72 Gold Premium: A 5 year membership, Hugo Boss Dolphins T-shirt (or item of equivalent value if these are not available), and complimentary raffle tickets.
Please note we are unable to issue refunds for any purchases made.

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Welcome to the Dol-Fan UK membership page!

The origins of Dol-Fan UK date back to 1993, when three ardent UK fans created an unofficial fan club, dedicated to the Miami Dolphins. The turn of the century brought exciting changes to the club, with members travelling in groups to Florida to watch games. It rapidly gained recognition from the Miami Dolphins, achieving our much cherished official chapter status in 2000.

If you would like to join Dol-Fan UK, simply click the Join Us / Renew button on this page and fill in the form.

There are several types of membership - '72 Gold , '72 Gold Premium (paid) or '84 Silver (free). Here is what our membership scheme has to offer:


All '72 Gold members receive the following exclusive benefits you will not be able to find anywhere else:

Ticket priority for International Series London games involving the Miami Dolphins with no transaction fees (subject to availability and approval from NFLUK). 

Access to a Dolphins walk-thru on any London visit (subject to approval from the Miami Dolphins).

A unique Dol-Fan UK gift and membership card (this is what your membership fee covers).

Complimentary entry to our 'Season Kick Off' charity raffle draw.

'72 Gold Premium: In addition to the above benefits, you receive a five year membership, a Hugo Boss Dolphins T-shirt (subject to availability, if this is not available an alternative gift of equal value will be provided), and 5 complimentary entries to our 'Season Kick Off' charity raffle draw every year your membership under this package is valid.

All membership types receive the following benefits:

Invitation to join a Dolphins UK WhatsApp group and access to a dedicated WhatsApp channel.

A Weekly Gameday Competition


Opportunity to enter our charity raffles to win a variety of signed Dolphins merch. 

10% discount at the Miami Dolphins Pro Shop located at Hard Rock Stadium

Personalised membership card

An opportunity to be part of Fan Club weekend in Miami (tours, game tickets, on field photo, tailgate)

Access to an exclusive members area

Purchase items from the Dol-Fan UK store.


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TV, Radio personality and UK Ambassador for Dol-Fan UK, Nat Coombs, with his Dol-Fan UK jacket.


The Dol-Fan UK Charter

Every club has to have its rules and/or a charter, and we are no different. The “Serious Stuff” is necessary, but the “Fun Stuff” is what we’re all about!  Members are reminded that when they attend any Miami Dolphins or NFL related events, they are representing Dol-Fan UK and must behave in a manner by which they maintain, and enhance our excellent relationship and reputation with these organisations.  Dol-Fan UK is unable to guarantee tickets, training camp visits, Practice walk-thrus, pre-game field passes, or participation in any other activity directly involving the Miami Dolphins, other than the public events. Such activities are solely at the discretion of our great friends and supporters in Miami, and the Miami Dolphins organisation.  Dol-Fan UK (the committee) reserves the right to refuse membership to anyone who has been deemed to have previously brought themselves or the club into disrepute. In extreme cases, membership may be terminated and any associated joining fees will not be refunded. All matters above will be discussed at committee level before a decision is reached.